This is the tennis autographs page. Here you will find signed photos, signed index cards, magazine pages and all types of tennis memorabilia.

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c = colour, COL = colour, d= dedicated, sizes in inches, F/L = full length,   H/L = half length

Name Description Price Ref
BARKER SUE 6×4, F/L, COL Now TV commentator and game show host £4 RT
BARBARA RITTNER c6x4 German who has played Wimbledon, knees upward on court, signed in black marker £8 JK
VIRGINIA WADE bw10x8 full length action shot, former Wimbledon champion, signed in black marker, mounted to 12×10 £21 JK
TRACY AUSTIN c11x8 full length action shot on court, bold black marker signature. Some graining to item. £12 JK
MEGHANN SHAUGHNSSEY bw10x8 shown on court during a match £12 JK
BECKER BORIS c10x8 action shot on court signed in black marker. £22 JK
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK c3.5×2.5 Canadian player signed in black marker on a trading card. Nice bright item £8 JK
BARBARA SCHETT c6x4 close up of face on a company promo shot, marker pen signature £6 JK
BARBARA SCHETT c6x4 shown on court in £3 blended images for a company promo, signed in black marker £6 JK
RAINER SCHUTTLER c6x4 waist upward action shot, played at wimbledon 2003 £6 JK
CLAUDIA PORWIK c6x4 in kit poised for play, black marker signature on a Reebok promo £6 JK
EVA PFAFF bw6x4 action shot signed in black marker on on a promo with 2 ads on £5 JK
NICOLAS KIEFER c6x4 shown in action on a sportswear promo with surface bending £3 JK
ANKE HUBER c6x4 on a Essence promo showing her in track suit chest upward with smaller shot of her in action £5 JK
MARC KEVIN GOELLNER c6x4 Swiss player shown waist upward on court, black marker signature £8 JK
SYBILLE BAMMER c6x4 action shot on a promo, signed in black marker. Austrian player £6 JK
WAYNE FERREIRA c6x4 on a Dunlop promo showing two images of him, head & shoulders and in action £8 JK
ARANTXA VICARIO c6x4 waist upwards, fist clenched in triumph £8 JK
JO DURIE bw4x4 chest upward in action signed in black marker £4 JK
JOSH COHEN bw6x4 US tennis player, shown casualchest upward, signed mostly over dark area £5 JK
MARCOS BAGHDATIS POSTER flatpacked c23x16 mouth open fist clenched action shot on a promo. Australian Open finalist 2006 signed in black marker. Item has some indent marks and slight surface bends. £1£4 JK
NEALE FRASER bw7x5 posed shot chest upward in later years of the Australian player, holding racket £10 JK
ANDY RODDICK c6x4 action shot signed in blue marker at Queens 2007 tennis £14 JK
TRACY AUSTIN c11.5×8 action shot knees upward, good bold black marker signature. Slight grain to item. £14 JK
JASMINE WOEHR c6x4 four seperate images on the item all non tennis and signed in black marker by the WTA player £6 JK
KING BILLIE JEAN 10×8, F/L, B/W Won Wimbledon a total of 6 times £35 RT
EVERT CHRIS 10×8, F/L, COL Famous tennis players. Won Wimbledon on a number of occasions £33 RT
VAN ROOST DOMINIQUE 2 in stock on card £5 JK
JONES ANNE 4 in stock, on card £8 JK
SCHETT BARBARA 5 in stock, on card £5 JK
LAPENTTI NICOLAS 1 in stock on white card £5 JK
MARTINEZ CONCHITA 1 in stock, on card £5 JK
NOVAK JIRA on paper, 1 in stock, on card £3 JK
NOVOTNA YANA 1 in stock, on card £8 JK
RUSEDSKI GREG 5 in stock, on card £5 JK
HINGIS MARTINA 10×8, F/L, COL Nice action shot of one of the world’ sbest women tennis players £33 RT
VICARIO ARANTXA SANCHEZ 6×4, F/L, B/W Promo card signed by Vicario £4 RT
SELLES MONICA 1 in stock, on card £10 JK
HENMAN TIM 3 in stock, on card £15 JK
WADE VIRGINIA 3 in stock, on card £10 JK
ZVEREVA NATASHA 1 in stock, on card £5 JK
VICARO ARANTXA SANCHEZ Plain white card signed by the famous tennis player £4 RT
NEWCOMBE JOHN Signed Leaflet Famous Australian tennis player £7 RT
RUDSEDSKI GREG 6×4, H/L, COL Donnay promo card 6 RT
AUSTIN TRACY 10×8, F/L, B/W Nice action shot of Austin £20 RT
STICH MICHEAL Signed Card German tennis star £3 RT
LENDEL IVAN 8×3 COL Nice signature on white card next to a small colour photo £7 RT
FLANAGAN IAN 1 in stock on white card £4 JK
GOODALL JOSH 1 in stock on white card £4 JK
GRAF STEFFI MOUNT Photo showing Steffi running on a beach with signed card £17 RT
ANNABEL CROFT Signed Card Famous English tennis player £2 RT
BARKER SUE Signed Card Ex tennis player now TV presenter £3 RT
GUSTAFSSON MAGNUS 6×4, H/L, COL Swedish tennis player £5 RT
CROFT ANNABEL 6×4, H/L, COL British tennis player. Now TV commentator £4 RT
JO DURIE bw5x4, chest upward taking a swing, black marker signature £4 JK
STICH MICHEAL 6×4, F/L, COL German tennis star £6 RT