This is the Star Wars and Star Trek autographs page where you will find most of the actors depicted as their Star Wars and Star Trek characters.

10% discount for all orders over £100 from any combination of categories.

c = colour, COL = colour, d= dedicated, sizes in inches, F/L = full length,   H/L = half length

Name Description Price Ref
BULLOCH JEREMY Signed Card Played Boba Fett in Star Wars £4 RT
GUINESS SIR ALEC Signed Card Card signed by the star of many films. Also famous for playing Obi Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars films £20 RT
BAKER KENNY 8×6, F/L, B/W Promo photo of the man behind R2-D2 £9 RT
DAVE PROWSE Signed Card Plain white index card signed by Prowse who played Darth Vader in Star Wars £11 RT
BLAKESTONE CAROLINE P/C, H/L, B/W Star Wars actress. Has been dedicated £4 RT
DAVE PROWSE £10×8, F/L, COL Atmospheric photo of Dave Prowse as Darth Vader from Star Wars £22 RT
KENNY BAKER 8×6, F/L, B/W Unusual photo of Baker in what looks like a prototype R2D2 for Star Wars £6 RT
DAVIES WARWICK £10×8, F/L, COL Nice shot of Davies shown as Wicket the Ewok in a still from Return of The Jedi. £20 RT
DANIELS ANTONY £10×8, H/L,COL Excellent photo of C3PO. Obtained in person. Daniels is a reluctant signer. £38 RT
GUINNESS ALEC £10×8, H/L,COL Shown as Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. Very collectable £96 RT
BULLOCH JEREMY £10×8, F/L, COL Shown as Boba Fett the bounty hunter from Star Wars £20 RT
BULLOCH JEREMY P/C, H/S, B/W Played Boba Fett in Star Wars. Dedicated £2 RT
BLAKESTON CAROLINE Signed Card Played Mom Mothma in Star Wars £12 RT
KENNY BAKER £10×8, F/L, COL Shown as R2D2 from Star wars £19 RT
FEMI TAYLOR c3.5×2.5 on a collector style card showing Jabbas palace where she danced £10 JK
CHRISTIAN SIMPSON c10x8 Stand in for Hayden Christianson in Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith. Signed in silver marker on a Star wars film still £12 JK
PAUL BLAKE c10x8 as Greedo from Star Wars, head & shoulders sideways to camera, signed in silver marker with both names. £18 JK
DECLAN MULLHOLLAND c10x8 as Jabba from Star Wars, Han Solo also at the side of him, slightly grainy. £28 JK
FEMI TAYLOR c10x8 portrait shot, waist upward in a garden area. Bold signature of the girl who danced for Jabba £12 JK
GARICK HAGEN c10x8 Star Wars signed photo in the cockpit, has added his character name and ‘Red £3 Standing By’. Autograph in silver marker. Collectable memorabilia £18 JK
TERENCE STAMP bw6x4 head & shoulders. Played Chancellor Valorum. Photo made to look like a postage stamp £6 JK
STAR WARS a strip of £3 continuous negatives from the trailer to Phantom Menace, mounted so can be seen when held to light showing Ewen McGregor and Liam Neeson £12 JK
EWAN McGREGOR bw7x5 close up of face with long hair and beard. autograph in white margin in black marker. Star Wars, Trainspotting £16 JK
TERENCE STAMP bw5x4 head & shoulders. Played Chancellor Valorum. Photo made to look like a stamp £6 JK
TOM MANNION theatre ad. for ‘Art’, West End play, shaped like a tube of oil paint. Was Star Destroyer Captain £2 in ROTJ Radio Dramas £2 JK
EWAN McGREGOR c10x8 posed shot in robes looking to camera, laser copy photo, signed in black marker £18 JK
CAROLINE BLAKISTON c15x10m in character as Mon Mothma, STAR WARS, bold sigature on white card £18 JK
JERRY HARTE hand written letter explaining he was booked by Spielberg to appear in ‘The Last Crusade’ but the day before he was to shoot his scene, it was cut. He was paid, his name on the credits but was not in the film. he also appeared in Star Wars as Hoth Head C £12 JK
GUNNAR HANSON bw15x10m a collage of images from the film, Star Wars, with cast/credit list on, his image not shown £16 JK
JEREMY BULLOCH c3.5×2.5 on a collector style card showing him in character £10 JK
PATRICK STEWART c11x8 chest upward from Star Trek, probably Insurrection, signed in marker pen, picture is a little bright £22 JK
PATRICK STEWART bw10x8 waist upward in uniform from Star Trek Insurrection, signed in black marker. Item has slight damageto bottom left not touching signature, surface bend and crinckle £18 JK
WALLY WINGERT c10x8d US voice over artist, singer, songwriter, comediam impersonator. Shown with inset pictures of his numerous voice over characters inc.Scooby Doo £2, The Jetsons,Star Trek £10 JK
ETHAN PHILLIPS c10x8 superb full length image as Neelix from Star Trek, signed in marker pen. £22 JK
MICHAEL DORN c10x8 chest upward as Worf from Star Trek looking mean, signed in black marker. £18 JK
MARY K ADAMS c10x8 In character from Star Trek as the Klingon called Grilka holding a weapon, Signed in marker pen £14 JK
KATE MULGREW c11x8 posed shot with the crew of Voyager from Star Trek as Janeway, signed in black marker £22 JK
DENISE CROSBY c10x8 chest upward as Tasha Yar, Star Trek, nice image and good signature. £14 JK
DWIGHT SHULTZ c10x8 as Reg from Star Trek, chest upward looking serious. Slightly grainy. £18 JK
JONATHAN DEL ARCO c10x8 still from Star Trek as Hugh Borg, shown chest upward signed in silver marker. £22 JK
COLM MEANEY c10x8 as O’Brien from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, waist upward signed in blue marker. £18 JK
BILL BLAIR c10x8 as the Vulcan Monk in the STAR TREK Enterprise episode titled The Andorian Incident, signed in green marker £16 JK
LEVAR BURTON c10x8 as Gordie from Star Trek Insurrection, chest upward in uniform, signed in black marker. Nice autograph and collectable £18 JK
MARINA SIRTIS c10x8 close up of face on a Star Trek Next Gen. promo. Soft focus image signed in silver marker. £22 JK
DENISE CROSBY c10x8 chest upward as Tasha Yar in Star Trek, not in standard uniform. Signed in silver marker, photo a little grainy. £14 JK