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Music Male
Item RefItem TitleDescription$
6854ALEX LESTERc6x4 waist upward casual shot of the DJ on a radio 2 promo, signed in pen5.007.706.50
2077ANDY PRIORColour concert leaflet BBC Orchestra leader1.001.541.30
5830ANDY WILLIAMSc10x8 DECEASED seated relaxed casual shot in sweater, later years image, nicely signed in silver marker. 20.0030.8026.00
2067ANTHONY NEWLEYbw7x5d head & shoulders, hands up to chin, signed in bottom margin10.0015.4013.00
2082B A ROBERTSONbw8x6d knees upward on an 80s photo, a pair of platform shoes floating in the air, signed in blue pen7.0010.789.10
6282BEV BEVANbw6x4 recent line up of The Move signed by Bev in black pen. The Move, ELO.10.0015.4013.00
2033BILL KENNYbw3.25x2.5d shown chest upward in dinner jacket, signed with first name by the Inkspot on this vintage photo10.0015.4013.00
6698BOB GELDOFc10x8 official still from Pink Floyds film of the album THE WALL showing Bob in an armchair with TV, exterior setting. Signed photo in blue marker.22.0033.8828.60
5419BOB GELDOFc15x10m head & shoulders looking serious, black marker signature on white card18.0027.7223.40
6793BOB Whispering HARRISc6x4 waist upward current image on a Radio 2 promo, signed in pen. The Old Grey Whistle Test fame.5.007.706.50
5673BRIAN POOLEon a London Palladium concert ticket dated 1999 in black marker pen6.009.247.80
1961BRUNO BROOKESc6x4 head & shoulders on a coloufull BBC Discline promo, signed in blue marker5.007.706.50
1941CHARLES AZNAVOURc6x4d waist upward with bow tie hanging loose3.004.623.90
1978CHARLIE DANIELSbw10x8 waist upward of the top US country & western singer signed in black marker12.0018.4815.60
2041CHARLIE LANDSBOROUGHConcert leaflet2.003.082.60
2040CHARLIE LANDSBOROUGHhand written letter2.003.082.60
2039CHARLIE LANDSBOROUGHc7x5d as above3.004.623.90
2038CHARLIE LANDSBOROUGHc7x5 c/w singer5.007.706.50
6756CHRIS BROOKSc6x6 Capital Radio DJ shown on the London Eye. Radio promo signed in black marker5.007.706.50
7903CHRIS DE BURGHbw6x4d chest upward signed in black marker with "Happy Birthday" and dedicated5.007.706.50
6679CHRIS DE BURGHc6x4 waist upward performimg with guitar signed in black marker. Lady In Red fame5.007.706.50
4006CHRIS DE BURGHc6x4d shown chest upward with guitar, signed in black marker.5.007.706.50
7801CHRIS EVANSc6x4 on a radio 2 promo, smiling to camera, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
2065CHRIS MOYLESc6x4 close up of face at the microphone, signed on the reverse on a radio 1 promo2.003.082.60
2104CHRIS TARRANTCapital FM headed letter short typed signed in full note2.003.082.60
2103CHRIS TARRANTc6x4 on a Capital Radio promo signed in black marker5.007.706.50
2102CHRIS TARRANTbw8x6d on a Capital FM promo at the mic., headphones on, mouth wide open, signed in gold, nice item6.009.247.80
2005CHUCK GIRARDbw10x8 USA CCM singer, religious orientated5.007.706.50
6450CLAYTON peg leg BATESbw10x8d full length shot of the one legged tap dancer signed in 1937. International star of his time. No creasing but some of the photo has worn away. Signature is fine.18.0027.7223.40
1953CLIFF BENNETTc10x8 shown with his Rebel Rousers 2002, his signature only12.0018.4815.60
1956COLIN BLUNSTONEbw10x8 current image, close up of face. 60s singer with The Zombies8.0012.3210.40
6868COLIN HANTONc7x5 2007 image at the drums. John Lennon original drummer for his Quarrymen band. Signed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
2100CURTIS STIGERSbw10x8 chest upward in black top, signed in botom margin, couple of surface bends, not creases,12.0018.4815.60
1982DARREN DAYbw8x6 shown seated, signed in black marker over white shirt7.0010.789.10
7005DARRIN ALLENc7x4.5 US Country singer shown with bales of hay, signed in black marker6.009.247.80
1954DAVE BERRYc10x8 with the Cruisers, current shot8.0012.3210.40
1983DAVE DEEc6x4 later years shot of the 60s star. Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich4.006.165.20
5970DAVE PEARCEbw6x4 radio 1 DJ chest upward sideways to camera, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
7293DAVID ESSEXbw5.5x3.5d 1970s image waist upward, long hair, signed in light marker pen5.007.706.50
2008DAVID GRAYconcert flyer with text and his image dedicated to 'K'
2020DAVID JACOBSbw8x5 DECEASED a younger picture showing him with mic. at a large roulette wheel pasted onto card with his signature underneath on the card itself5.007.706.50
6672DAVID POMERANZbw10x8d US singer songwriter, head & shoulders signed in black marker. Written for top artists, Leo sayer, Cliff Richard,Freddie Mercury,Kenny Rogers10.0015.4013.00
5977DENNIS LOCORREIREc10x8d chest upward current image of the ex lead singer with Dr Hook, signed in silver marker10.0015.4013.00
2050DENNIS LOTISbw6x4 head & shoulders, current shot. 50s & 60s singer4.006.165.20
2051DENNIS LOTIScompliments slip hand written signed short note stating it was him in a film called 'City of the Dead' about 19603.004.623.90
2022DEREK JAMESONc6x4 signed on a Radio 2 promo shot4.006.165.20
1969DESMOND CARRINGTONon the inside of a greating celebrating 20 years of Radio 2 greats, limited edition of 2005.007.706.50
2118DICKIE VALENTINEc13x10m DECEASED blue pen signature mounted with the cover of one of his music sheets showing him23.0035.4229.90
5931DIERKS BENTLEYc10x8d waist upward casual shot of the young US country singer signed in black marker8.0012.3210.40
2036DOMINIC KIRWANconcert flyer nicely signed3.004.623.90
2035DOMINIC KIRWANc7x5 Irish smoothie shown full length wearing suit3.004.623.90
2003DON GIBSONbw10x8 USA country western singer. Close up of face9.0013.8611.70
2058DON MACLEANc6x4 on a radio 2 promo. Comedian on stage and TV4.006.165.20
6026Dr MARK & LETITIAbw6x4 Radio 1 promo picturing them both, both signed in black pen
1701DUNCAN JAMESc10x5 Glossy image shown full length of the Blue singer. Signed in black marker. Item cut from a promo poster & image may be part of a CD insert.
2029EDEN KANEbw10x8 current shot, head & shoulders, of the pop singer of the early 60s8.0012.3210.40
5059ELLIS MARSALIS Jnrbw10x8 chest upward in suit, the premier modern jazz pianist from New Orleans, has added Happy New Year to black marker signature.14.0021.5618.20
6628EMILE FORDbw11x8 chest upward smiling to camerasigned in black marker on a thin photo, album promo on reverse8.0012.3210.40
6625EMILE FORDc11x8 full length shot in 70s style catsuit, open chest, flairs, signed in black marker on a thin photo10.0015.4013.00
2084EMPORER ROSKObw6x4 chest upward wearing a crown on a Virgin Radio promo, signed in blue marker5.007.706.50
7613GARETH GATESc8x6 head & shoulders at the mic. during a performance signed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
4054GARY US BONDSbw10x8 Head & shoulders portrait shot smiling to camera, signed in black marker.8.0012.3210.40
7336GEORGIE FAMEbw6x4 head & shoulders 70s image signed in blue pen5.007.706.50
1995GEORGIE FAMEbw8x5.5 current shot, close up of face at the mike, signed in blue pen. Yeh Yeh8.0012.3210.40
2002GERALDObw5.5x3.5 chest upward on an original His masters Voice promo, signed in ink mostly over a dark area10.0015.4013.00
2060GERRY MARSDENbw7x5 current shot with guitar on stage, crease mark across top going through forehead2.003.082.60
5340GLEN CAMPBELLbw10x8d A 1970s image and signature signed at the Club Fiesta Sheffield. Slight tear top corner10.0015.4013.00
2004GORDON GILTRAPbw8x6 concert flyer for Margate gig. Small inset picture of him, signed in red over light area6.009.247.80
2015GORDON HASKELLbw8x6 chest upward one hand up to chin, signed in bottom margin10.0015.4013.00
2014GORDON HASKELLbw7x5 chest upward wearing a hat dressed all in black12.0018.4815.60
6882GOTZ ALSMANNc6x4 waist upward of the German musician and TV artist, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
2061HANK MARVINbw6x4 seated with guitar on a promo for Marvin At The Movies, signed in black marker. The Shadows14.0021.5618.20
2062HANK MARVINbw10x8 image as on the front of the album Guitar Man, signed in black marker. Its The Shadows last tour early 2004, Hank now lives in Australia26.0040.0433.80
2090HARRY SECOMBEc10x8 nice shot chest upward in casual clothes, hand up to chin30.0046.2039.00
2091HARRY SECOMBEalbum page, bold blue signature signed at Sheffield Lyceum Theatre in the 1950s, also included a small 50s photo22.0033.8828.60
6646HERBIE HANCOCKc10x8d close up of face of the Jazz pianist and composer, signed in silver marker14.0021.5618.20
5996HOWIE DAYCD INSERT US singer songwriter worked in UK studios, signed on the front cover of Stop All The World Now in black marker8.0012.3210.40
2019IAN HUNTERc6x4 formerly with Mott The Hoople, head shot on a promo for a gig5.007.706.50
2021JACK JACKSONbw5x3.5d chest upward on a 1930/40s photo and signature, which is mostly over a dark area7.0010.789.10
5341JACK JONESbw10x8d on stage shot from the 1970s with a 70s signature in pen obtained at the Club Fiesta Sheffield10.0015.4013.00
2073JACK PAYNEbw5.5x3.5 vintage photo, bandleader from the 20s and BBCs top bandleader in the 30s.5.007.706.50
1939JAMES APOLLObw10x8d US singer, velvet & gravel, roots and rock8.0012.3210.40
1985JASON DONOVANbw10x8 waist upward as a bare chested Joseph, autograph photo with first name in gold. Pop star and actor16.0024.6420.80
1986JASON DONOVANbw10x8 seated in black vest top, hands up to chin, first name signature in gold marker16.0024.6420.80
1987JASON DONOVANbw10x8d chest upward in open shirt, gold signature with first name14.0021.5618.20
2000JEFF FOXWORTHYc6x4 US comedian whose act is based on country music. Has made several best sellers on US country charts with comedy songs especially about rednecks. Own NBC TV show.3.004.623.90
1999JEFF FOXWORTHYbw10x8 US comedian whose act is based on country music. Has made several best sellers on US country charts with comedy songs especially about rednecks. Own NBC TV show. Nice shot6.009.247.80
6388JET HARRISc10x8 DECEASED current image of the ex Shadows bass player, waist upward casually holding guitar. Apache and hits with Tony Meehan. Signed in gold marker26.0040.0433.80
7389JIMI HENDRIXc9.5x9.5m A superb unsigned magazine picture showing him on stage at his last Albert Hall concert 1969. Mounted with bevelled window into black mount board. Lovely item10.0015.4013.00
7295JOE BROWNbw6x4d 1970s image sat on floor with guitar, signed in blue5.007.706.50
7839JOHN LEYTONc6x4d later years shot at the microphone signed in blue pen. Johhny Remember Me, Wild Wind.
2055JOHN McGOUGHbw7x5d head & shoulders, Scottish tenor and signed at Sheffield Lyceum Theatre in the 1950s, some thin creasing8.0012.3210.40
6107JOHN SEBASTIANbw11x8d current waist upward image with guitar of the ex Lovin'Spoonful singer, black marker signature12.0018.4815.60
6035JOHN TESHbw10x8 US recording artist, TV and radio host, head & shoulders, black marker signature10.0015.4013.00
2081JOHNNY RIVERSbw7x5 US singer shown on stage playing guitar6.009.247.80
2109JOHNNY TILLOTSONon the bottom of a letter originally sent to him, has added a few words3.004.623.90
6825JON Bermuda SCHWARTZc7x5d Drummer, shown on a Ludwig promo, Weird Al Yankovic Show, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
2018JOOLS HOLLANDc10x8d a lser copy photo, exterior shot with piano out of focus and him stood behind, bold signature8.0012.3210.40
4155JOSE FELICIANObw7x5d head & shoulders, open necked shirt, possibly just signed with initials.
5993JOSE FELICIANOc8x6d a concert leaflet for 2005 showing him playing guitar, venue dates on, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
2042JULIUS LA ROSAc3.5x2.5 on a Hollywood collector style card. Radio & TV in 50s USA. Later became a DJ, signed in silver5.007.706.50
2028JUSTINCD insert to Over You, signed at the side of his image in black marker6.009.247.80
1963KEN BRUCEc6x4 on a Radio 2 promo shown head & shoulders4.006.165.20
1942KENNY BAKER Jazz musician, small piece possibly from a magazine, small image of him autographed across some text, also included an original photo14.0021.5618.20
2053KENNY LYNCHc10x8 head & shoulders hands clasped, slightly out of focus shot. 60s pop10.0015.4013.00
6822KEVIN EUBANKSbw10x8d shown with guitar and signed in marker. Leader of the band on the Jay Leno show10.0015.4013.00
2080LEE RITENOURbw10x8 head & shouldrs with guitar. US jazz/rock guitarist worked with G Harrison, W. Houston, K Moon12.0018.4815.60
7924LES MCKEOWNc23x19 Poster for his 2011 tour Rollermania, signed in black marker. Shows him on stage with an inset picture of The Bay City Rollers from the 1970s. Also has various text on.18.0027.7223.40
2012LIONEL HAMPTONa UK tour brochure 1956 autographed on a full page picture of him inside. Also a full page picture signed by vocalist Elsie Smith, also the signatures of 7 band members inside. Jazz145.00223.30188.50
2011LYNDON DAVID HALLc8x6 DECEASED shown seated and signed with first name in black marker that has worn slightly but still very readable6.009.247.80
2007MARK GOODIERc6x4 on a radio 1 promo, signed on reverse2.003.082.60
2034MARK KINGbw10x8d shown leaning on a car door, signed in black marker, some bending to photo8.0012.3210.40
7486MARK McGRATHc10x8 chest upward leather jacket. His band is SugarRay, also movie actor and presenter. Signature over dark area14.0021.5618.20
6932MARK SCOTTc10x8 drummer for the US band Trixter, colouful shot in action, dedicated to 'K' in black marker12.0018.4815.60
6931MARK SCOTTbw10x8 portrait shot of the drummer for US band Trixter, signed in black marker and dedicated to 'K'10.0015.4013.00
6930MARK SCOTTbw10x8 drummer for the US band Trixter, shown at his drums signed in black marker, dedicated to 'K'10.0015.4013.00
7842MARTY WILDEc10x8 later years image in western shirt and acoustic guitar, signed in black marker, nice item.10.0015.4013.00
7051MAX BOYCEc8x6 chest upward colouful shot signed in black marker by the Welsh entertainer7.0010.789.10
7907MEATLOAFc10x8 close up of face, 2010 promo shot, signed in black marker over white area. Obtained at Sheffield Arena 11/12/201028.0043.1236.40
1946MICHAEL BALLc7x5d close up of smiling face, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
1947MICHAEL BALLon the front of the theatre leaflet for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which opens up to reveal a pop up Chitty, the item is dedicated5.007.706.50
2057MICHAEL McDONALDcolour theatre leaflet. Ex Doobie Brothers singer, and 5 times Grammy award wimmer4.006.165.20
1955MIKE BERRYbw6x4d head & shoulders, moved to acting in the 70s, Are You Being Served?5.007.706.50
1976MIKE D'ABObw10x8 waist upward current image on a photocopy photo, actual signature in black marker, item has some bending but not creased8.0012.3210.40
2088MIKE SANCHEZbw8x7 chest upward smiling shot on a laser style photo, one surface bend not affecting signature5.007.706.50
2087MIKE SANCHEZc8x5.5 chest upward casual shot, has a surface bend through signature5.007.706.50
6649MIKE SARNEbw5.5x3.5 current image head & shoulders of the 60s pop singer, signed in black marker. 'Come Outside'5.007.706.50
1948MOE BANDY10x8 head & shoulders of the US country singer, black marker signature12.0018.4815.60
2079MONTE REYbw3.5x2.5 1900/1982 described as the 'Spanish' tenor from Scotland, shown in character8.0012.3210.40
6755NEIL BENTLEYc6x6 Capital Radio DJ shown having a cup of tea on a Capital promo, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
2092NEIL SEDAKAbw10x8 Portrait shot in later years, Oh Carol + many more hits11.0016.9414.30
6028NILS LOFGRENc8x6 2005 tour leaflet showing him playing and venue dates on. Signed to K in silver marker8.0012.3210.40
4078NILS LOFGRENc8x6 A tour flyer for Unplugged, Acoustic and Intimate signed in bold silver marker.8.0012.3210.40
6415OMARc6x4d shown sat on a bench outdoors, signed in black marker. Nu-classic British soul artist 5.007.706.50
1938PAUL ANKAc10x8d chest upward casual shot of the singer songwriter, signed in blue marker12.0018.4815.60
7373PAUL BURNETTc10x8d magazine pic of the ex radio 1 DJ signed in pen. Has several folds1.001.541.30
1967PAUL CARRACKbw10x8 chest upward with guitar, shades and cap, signed in black marker12.0018.4815.60
5260PAUL HARDCASTLEbw10x8 shown mixing chemicals with organs behind him, famous for '19'. Signed in bottom margin.18.0027.7223.40
1560PAUL JONESc6x4 on a radio 2 promo, ex Manfred Mann5.007.706.50
2025PAUL JONESc6x4 chest upward on a Radio 2 promo, signed in black marker. Ex 1960s Manfred Mann5.007.706.50
6182PORTER WAGONERc10x8 DECEASED. Chest upward in colourful clothes. US county & western singer, Hall of Fame 2002. Signed in black marker. Plus an A4 info sheet.15.0023.1019.50
7715RADIO SOLWAY BBCfour signatures on a BBC Radio Scotland leaflet for Radio Solway. Signed during the opening two weeks by McConnell, Coupar, Forrester & Cannon3.004.623.90
6645RADNEY FOSTERbw10x8d US country & western singer, shown seated, guitar on table, signed in marker pen10.0015.4013.00
5978RAINHARD FENDRICHc6x4 Austrian singer, close up of face, signed in pen5.007.706.50
2114RANDY TRAVISc10x8d shown seated on hay bale with his guitar. Black marker signature. C&W8.0012.3210.40
6041RAY DAVIESbw6x4 current image of the Kinks frontman, leather jacket, signed in black pen12.0018.4815.60
2064RAY MOOREc6x4 on a Radio 2 promo3.004.623.90
7611RAY QUINNc8x5 exterior shot head & shoulders signed in black marker. Runner up to Leona Lewis X Factor 200610.0015.4013.00
7610RAY QUINNc6x4 casual shot seated, signed in black marker. X Factor runner up to Leona Lewis in 2006. Dancing on Ice8.0012.3210.40
2098RAY STEVENSbw10x8 remember The Streak9.0013.8611.70
1944RICHARD BAKERa BBC headed hand written note and envelope, 1975, signed in pen4.006.165.20
1943RICHARD BAKERc6x4 posed shot chest upward of the BBC Radio 2 presenter5.007.706.50
2101RICHARD STILGOEbw6x4 shown in front of a music score. Co writer of musicals5.007.706.50
2107RICHARD THOMPSONtour leaflet showing him with guitar, 1995, has been folded, some damage to back page3.004.623.90
2106RICHARD THOMPSONbw10x8 current image, posed shotleaning on the head of his guitar. A founder member of Fairport Convention14.0021.5618.20
2115RICHARD TRAVISSbw10x8d posed shot in white shirt, singer and night club owner12.0018.4815.60
2016RICHIE HAVENSbw10x8 chest upward posed shot, hands resting on guitar, black marker signature14.0021.5618.20
2119RICK WAKEMANc8x6 flyer for a concert in 2000. two images of him and signed in black marker. Couple of surface bends to top corner5.007.706.50
2045RICKY LEIGHTONc5x3.5 shown playing guitar, picture has a reddish brown hue2.003.082.60
5964ROBERT GOULETc10x8d Deceased. Chest upward posed shot all in black, signed in silver marker10.0015.4013.00
1940ROD ARGENTbw7.5x5.5 shown waist upward signed in black marker by the 70s supergroup leader of Argent. Current pose8.0012.3210.40
2093RON SEXSMITHbw10x8 USA singer described as having a bit of Jackson Brown and Ray Davies in his voice8.0012.3210.40
6759RONNIE RONALDEbw6x3.5 chest upward of the world famous whistler of his era - 1940s onwards, million seller records. Light pen signature, one corner crease5.007.706.50
1971SAM COSTAbw3.5x3.5 early shot chest upward of the musician presenter8.0012.3210.40
2059SEAN MAGUIREbw10x8 1997 shot in a dark setting, black marker signature over dark area12.0018.4815.60
7360SERGE LAMAc6x4 french singer shown on stage, signed in white marker5.007.706.50
5021SHANE LYNCHc6x4d inset picture waist upward with a promo sticker on for a single, signed in black, on reverse a close up of face. Boyzone5.007.706.50
6978STAN TRACEYbw5x5 chest upward of the legendary British Jazz pianist, signed in black pen7.0010.789.10
7657STEVE PENKc10x8 lovely shot of the DJ famous for a phone call to Tony Blair with the help of John Culshaw impersonating William Hague. Also a TV presenter10.0015.4013.00
5810STEVE WRIGHTc6x4 head & shoulders on a radio 2 promo, signed in blue5.007.706.50
2023TEDDY JOHNSONbw5x3d one half of Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson, early shot at the mike with a music sheet, signed in blue ink6.009.247.80
2048TERRY LIGHTFOOTc10x8 DECEASED nice shot of the jazz musician with clarinet. Signature on a sticky label attached to photo10.0015.4013.00
7374TOM JONESbw10x8d 1980s? image and signature from a UK Theatre in black marker, shown knees upward18.0027.7223.40
2123TOM WATTc7x4 casual seated shot on a BBC London radio promo, signed in blue5.007.706.50
2097TOMMY STEELEc6x4 current image in jacket , signed in black marker8.0012.3210.40
2066TREVOR NELSONc6x4 chest upward on a MTV promo, signed in marker5.007.706.50
1936VAN ALEXANDERbw12x10m downloaded Internet picture of the 40s bandleader who went on to film scores, shown conducting18.0027.7223.40
2017VINCE HILLc6x4 shown in later years in brown leather waist upward, signed in bottom margin. Edelweiss3.004.623.90
2125WEE GEORGIE WOOD on paper music hall signed in 19417.0010.789.10
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