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Music on CARD
Item RefItem TitleDescription$
10088ANDY BELLOASIS 1 in stock, plain card8.0012.3210.40
10019ANN MARIE OWENS2 in stock, classical5.007.706.50
11583ARCHER MALCOLM1 in stock On white card, Cathedral organist5.007.706.50
11592BACHELORSalbum page signed by Con 1963. On reverse Alan Blakley The Tremeloes5.007.706.50
10031BENJAMIN LEANNE1 in stock, ballet, on card3.004.623.90
10033BEXTOR SOPHIE ELLIS1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
17BOB GELDOF1 in stock, signed in black marker on thick card8.0012.3210.40
10001BOLLE ROBERTOBALLET, 1 in stock, on card6.009.247.80
10037BOULAYE PATTI1 in stock4.006.165.20
10040CLARK PETULA1 in stock, on card7.0010.789.10
11623CLAXTON MIKE1 in stock, album page1.001.541.30
11511CONRAD JESS1 in stock, on card, vertical crease on each2.003.082.60
33CONRAD JESS1 in stock, Rock & Roll2.003.082.60
10155COPE JONATHANdedicated, 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10154COPE JONATHAN2 in stock5.007.706.50
10044DANKWORTH CLEO & JOHNNY1 in stock, on card10.0015.4013.00
10085DANNII MINOGUE1 in stock6.009.247.80
10051DISTEL SACHA1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
10004EAVES MARGARETsigned on paper, 1 in stock
10005EDUR THOMAS3 in stock4.006.165.20
10006ELDER MARKCONDUCTOR, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
10056EVANS LEE LATCHFORDex Steps, 2 in stock6.009.247.80
10058FOORT REGINALDon paper, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10059FURTARDO NELLY1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10007GALWAY JEANNE3 in stock4.006.165.20
10060GERALDOon paper, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10062GRUMBLEWEEDSdedicated, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10064HARLEY STEVE1 in stock5.007.706.50
10008HARMA MANAMIOPERA, 2 in stock 5.007.706.50
11509HARRIS WEE WILLIE2 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10009HEWITT ANGELACLASSICAL PIANIST, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10065HOLLIDAY MICHAEL1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
11487HORNE LENA2 in stock, DECEASED on card10.0015.4013.00
10066HUNTER IAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10068JAMES DAVEex Atlantic 252 DJ, 1 in stock. on card4.006.165.20
10070KEMP MARTIN1 in stock6.009.247.80
10071KENNEDY GORDON2 in stock4.006.165.20
10072KING MARKLevel 42, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10074LARDRadio 1 DJ, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10075LOSS JOEsigned in 1940, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11598LOSS JOE1 in stock on small card5.007.706.50
10076LOTIS DENNISon paper, 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10025LOTT FELICITY4 in stock, classical singer4.006.165.20
10011LOUGHRAN JAMES1 in stock3.004.623.90
10078LUFT LORNA1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10079LUNDY JIMMYDeep River Boys, on reverse is possibly Tony Dalli, 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11528LYNCH SHANE1 in stock, dedicated. Ex Boyzone5.007.706.50
10083MACLEAN DONradio presenter, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
10014MAGOMEDEVA LUDMILA2 in stock4.006.165.20
10017MALINKINE DENIS1 in stock4.006.165.20
10080MANTOVANIon paper, 1 in stock16.0024.6420.80
10081MARMALADEdedicated, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10015MATTHEWS DENISon paper, 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10084MCCUTCHEON MARTINE3 in stock7.0010.789.10
10082MCLEAN DONAmerican Pie, 5 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10130MELANIE B1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10086MOYLES CHRISradio DJ, 2 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10087NELSON TREVORradio DJ, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10016OAKS AGNES2 in stock4.006.165.20
10018ORAMO SAKARI2 in stock3.004.623.90
10089OSBOURNE KELLYon paper, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10090PAIGE ELAINE2 in stock6.009.247.80
10091PAYNE FREDAdedicated, 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10020PESEK LIBOR1 in stock4.006.165.20
10092PHILLIPS ARLENE1 in stock6.009.247.80
10095QUATRO SUZI1 in stock6.009.247.80
20022RATTLE SIMON2 in stock7.0010.789.10
10096READING BERTICE1 in stock6.009.247.80
10097REAL THINGsigned by all, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10100RICE TIM1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10101RIVERA CHITA1 in stock7.0010.789.10
10023ROJO TAMARA1 in stock, on card. Ballet5.007.706.50
100103ROLLINS HENRY1 in stock6.009.247.80
100104SANCHEZ MIKE3 in stock5.007.706.50
10105SARAH HBradio DJ, 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11552SARNE MIKE2 in stock 60s pop singer 'Come Outside'5.007.706.50
11678SEARCHERSlater years signatures by all 4 on plain card8.0012.3210.40
10107SHIRLEY JUDYon paper, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10108SMITTON CHARLESCinema organist and radio presenter, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
6925SOMERVILLE DAVE1 in stock. Singer from the 1950s with the US rock band The Diamonds 5.007.706.50
10024SOUTHGATE WILLIAM2 in stock5.007.706.50
11599SPEARS BILLIE JO1 in stock, cut from an envelope, signed in black marker1.001.541.30
11548SPINNERS THE1 in stock, on paper, one fold, all have signed, dated 1989. On reverse Des O'Connor6.009.247.80
10111STEWART EDDECEASED radio DJ, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11512SUZANNE SHAW1 in stock, ex Hear'say5.007.706.50
10112TILLOTSON JOHNNY2 in stock5.007.706.50
10113TOYAH5 in stock ex Punk singer5.007.706.50
10116TRAVISsigned by all, 2 in stock35.0053.9045.50
10117TRAVIS DAVE LEEradiuo DJ, 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10119VALENTINE DICKIEon paper, 1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10118VALENTINE DICKIE1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10120VAN ZWEDEN JAPP1 in stock3.004.623.90
10026VAN ZWEDEN JAPP1 in stock3.004.623.90
10178VON FURSTENBERG DIANAFASHION DESIGNER, dedicated, 1 in stock2.003.082.60
10122WARWICK JOHNBBC radio singer, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10123WEBB MARTI3 in stock5.007.706.50
11681WEEDON BERT2 in stock on white card, signed 2010. One card has an electric guitar printed on, the other card an outline of two acoustic guitars printed on.8.0012.3210.40
10125WESTLIFE - MARK1 in stock, on card8.0012.3210.40
10027WILLIAMS JOHN2 in stock6.009.247.80
10129WINNICK MAURICEon paper, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10181WYNN GODFREYAUTHOR, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10028ZUKERMAN PINCHASCONDUCTOR-VIOLINIST, one in stock7.0010.789.10
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