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Football on CARD
Item RefItem TitleDescription$
11398ALLY McCOIST1 in stock5.007.706.50
10848AMATO GABRIELon paper 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11074ANDREA MAZZANTINI1 in stock4.006.165.20
10849ANNONI ENRICO1 in stock, on card4.006.165.20
10854ANTENUCCI ANGELO1 in stock5.007.706.50
10855BABB PHIL7 in stock on card4.006.165.20
10858BARNES JOHN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10862BARTLETT SHAUN1 in stock6.009.247.80
10863BARTON WARREN5 in stock5.007.706.50
10864BASSETT DAVE12 in stock5.007.706.50
10867BEASANT DAVE1 in stock5.007.706.50
10868BEENEY MARK1 in stock4.006.165.20
10871BERGUES PATRICE1 in stock 5.007.706.50
10873BJORNEBYE STIG5 in stock, on card4.006.165.20
10875BLAKE NATHANon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10880BOYD TOM7 in stock4.006.165.20
10881BRAJANO FRENCESCOon paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
11202BRANKO STRUPAR1 in stock5.007.706.50
10882BRATTBAKK HARALDon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10883BREWSTER CRAIG1 in stock, on card4.006.165.20
10886BROWN DAVID4 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10888BROWN JOHN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10889BROWN STEVE1 in stock 5.007.706.50
10887BROWN WES3 in stock on white card5.007.706.50
11148BRUCE RIOCH1 in stock, on card with small image attached5.007.706.50
10895BUTCHER TERRY5 in stock5.007.706.50
10895CADETE JORGE2 in stock4.006.165.20
10897CAMERSON COLINon paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10899CARBONE BENITO2 in stock5.007.706.50
10900CAROLAN JOEon paper 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
10901CASPER CHRISon paper 2 in stock3.004.623.90
10902CASPER CHRIS2 in stock5.007.706.50
10903CHARBONIER LIONEL2 in stock4.006.165.20
11682CHARLTON JACK1 in stock, on paper, England 66, Leeds8.0012.3210.40
10907CLARK ALAN4 in stock 5.007.706.50
10906CLARKE LEEon paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10908CLARKE STEVE1 in stock5.007.706.50
10909CLEGG MICHAELon paper 3 in stock5.007.706.50
10911CLOUGH NIGEL3 in stock4.006.165.20
10913COTTEE tony6 in stock4.006.165.20
10914COYNE TOMMYon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10892CRAIG BURLEY5 in stock5.007.706.50
10916CUNNINGHAM KENNY2 in stock5.007.706.50
10917CURBISHLEY ALAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10918CURRY TONYdedicated on paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10919CURTIS JOHNon paper 4 in stock5.007.706.50
10920DABIZAS NICHOLAS1 in stock 5.007.706.50
10921DACOURT OLIVER2 in stock5.007.706.50
10922DADI EUGENE1 in stock4.006.165.20
10923DALGLISH PAULon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10925DAMLIN MARTIN on paper 1 in stock 3.004.623.90
10853DARREN ANDERTON3 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
11018DARREN JACKSON1 in stock, on paper4.006.165.20
10926DAVIES KEVINon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10928DE BILDES GILLES 1 in stock 5.007.706.50
10929DE BOER RONALD3 in stock6.009.247.80
10930DE GOEY ED1 in stock on card 1 in stock on paper
11060DES LYTTLE1 in stock
10931DEVLIN PAUL1 in stock5.007.706.50
10933DILIVIO ANGELO1 in stock4.006.165.20
10934DIMAS1 in stock5.007.706.50
10942DION DUBLIN1 in stock, on card4.006.165.20
10941DION DUBLINon paper 3 in stock 5.007.706.50
10935DIXON LEE3 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11069DOMINIC MATTEO3 in stock4.006.165.20
10939DONNELLY SIMONon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10935DUEMBA-DJEMBA ERIC1 in stock, on card6.009.247.80
10945DURIE GORDON on paper 2 in stock4.006.165.20
10946EADIE DARREN on paper 1 in stick4.006.165.20
10947EAGLES CHRIS1 in stock6.009.247.80
10948EDGEHILL RICHARD1 in stock5.007.706.50
10950ELAARY DAVIDReferee 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10949ELLEGARD KEVIN STUHR1 in stock5.007.706.50
10951ELLIOTT ROBBIE1 in stock5.007.706.50
10952ERANIO STAFANO2 in stock5.007.706.50
11108ERIC NEVLAND2 in stock, on paper5.007.706.50
10953EVANS MICHAEL1 in stock3.004.623.90
10954EVANS ROY1 in stock4.006.165.20
10955FANTHAM JOHN1 in stock2.003.082.60
10956FELIPE RICARDO1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
8FINNEY TOMSigned in biro on a Preston North End compliments slip8.0012.3210.40
9FINNEY TOM10 in stock, on plain card, Preston North End player8.0012.3210.40
10963FLINTCROFT GARY2 in stock4.006.165.20
10967FOLLETI PATRICK1 in stock5.007.706.50
10968FORD MARK1 in stock5.007.706.50
10985FRENET FRANCOIS1 in stock5.007.706.50
10970FREUND STAFFEN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10971FREUND STEFFENwith small photo on the card 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10972FRIEDEL BRAD1 in stock4.006.165.20
11075GARY McALLISTER5 in stock4.006.165.20
10973GATTUSO RINOon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10974GILLESPIE KEITH1 in stock5.007.706.50
10975GINCHEV B1 in stock3.004.623.90
10976GIVEN SHAY1 in stock5.007.706.50
10977GLASS STEPHENon paper 2 in stock4.006.165.20
10978GLOVER LEE1 in stock3.004.623.90
10979GOULD JONATHANon paper 1 in stock
10980GRAY MICHAEL4 in stock4.006.165.20
10981GRAY MICHAELon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10984GREGORY JOHN2 in stock4.006.165.20
10986GRIFFIN DANNY1 in stock3.004.623.90
10987GROSS CHRISTIAN1 in stock4.006.165.20
10988GUERIN VINCENT1 in stock4.006.165.20
10989HAALAND ALF INGE2 in stock5.007.706.50
10990HANSEN ALAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10991HARRIS RON3 in stock5.007.706.50
10992HARTSON JOHN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10993HATELEY MARKon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10994HEATH MATT1 in stock5.007.706.50
10996HENDRIE JOHNon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10999HENDRY COILIN on paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10998HENDRY COLIN5 in stock5.007.706.50
11000HESKEY EMILEon paper 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11001HINCLIFFE ANDY1 in stock5.007.706.50
11003HODGSON DAVID1 in stock5.007.706.50
11005HOOIJDONK PIERRE VANon paper 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11006HORSFIELD GEOFFon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11007HOWARD TIM1 in stock5.007.706.50
11009HUCKERBY DARREN2 in stock4.006.165.20
11008HUCKERBY DARRENon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11010HUMPHRIES RITCHIEon paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
11683HUNT ROGER1 in stock, on card, has the England logo on, signed in black marker. England 6610.0015.4013.00
11011HUNTER NORMAN1 in stock6.009.247.80
11002HURST DAVID1 in stock4.006.165.20
11012HURST DAVIDon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11532IAN CALLAGHAN2 in stock5.007.706.50
11013ICKE DAVID1 in stock5.007.706.50
11014IELPO MANO1 in stock4.006.165.20
11015IKPEBA VICTOR1 in stock4.006.165.20
11016IRWIN DENNIS9 in stock on card5.007.706.50
11017IZZETT MUZZY2 in stock4.006.165.20
11036JEFF KENNA1 in stock4.006.165.20
11020JOACHIM JULIAN1 in stock4.006.165.20
11021JOHN STEVE1 in stock5.007.706.50
11022JONES DAVID1 in stock4.006.165.20
11026JONK WIMon lined paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11025JONK WIM1 in stock4.006.165.20
11032KASEY KELLERon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11031KEEGAN KEVIN 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
11034KELLY DEAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
11035KELLY JIM 7 PERRY BILLon paper 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
11037KENNEALY PETE1 in stock4.006.165.20
11179KIM SMITHon paper 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11040KVARMA BJORN TOR2 in stock on paper and card3.004.623.90
11041LAMBERT PAULon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11044LAUREN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10904LAURENT CHARVET1 in stock, plain card, Manchester City and Newcastle Utd player5.007.706.50
10905LAURENT CHARVETon paper, 1 in stock. Newcastle Utd and Manchester City player5.007.706.50
11046LAZARIDES STANon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11050LEE ROB2 in stock5.007.706.50
11050LEHMANN DIRKon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11053LENNON NEILon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11054LEONARDSON OYVINO1 in stock4.006.165.20
10956LES FERDINAND1 in stock4.006.165.20
11055LIDDLE CRAIG1 in stock4.006.165.20
11057LITTLE BRIANon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
12LOFTHOUSE NAT7 in stock, on plain card, Bolton Wanderers player12.0018.4815.60
11058LOFTHOUSE NAT1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11059LOMBARDO ATTILIOon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11061MABBOTT GARY4 in stock4.006.165.20
11065MANNINGER ALEX4 in stock on card3.004.623.90
11066MARMELLI1 in stock5.007.706.50
11067MARSHALL GORDON1 in stock3.004.623.90
11068MARSHALL IANon paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10951MATT ELLIOTT4 in stock4.006.165.20
11049MATT LE TISSIER1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11048MATT LE TISSIER5 in stock5.007.706.50
11070MAWENE YOULE1 in stock5.007.706.50
11071MAY DAVID13 in stock on card
11073MAY DAVIDon paper 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11076McATEER JASON1 in stock6.009.247.80
11077McCALL STUART on paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11085McCALL STUART1 in stock5.007.706.50
11078McCLAIR1 in stock5.007.706.50
11080McKENZIE DUNCAN6 in stock6.009.247.80
11081McKINLEY BILLY1 in stock4.006.165.20
11082McKINLEY TOSH10 in stock4.006.165.20
11083McLEISH ALEX3 in stock4.006.165.20
11087McPAILL STEVE1 in stock4.006.165.20
11087McPHAIL STEVE1 in stock4.006.165.20
11089MEIJER ERIK11 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11090MENDONKA CLIVEon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11091MERSON PAUL1 in stock6.009.247.80
11109MICHELL NGONGE1 in stock4.006.165.20
11585MIFSUD MICHAEL2 in stock. on plain white paper5.007.706.50
11092MIHAILOVIC BORISLAV1 in stock4.006.165.20
11093MILOSOVIC SAVO1 in stock5.007.706.50
11094MINTO SCOTT2 in stock3.004.623.90
11095MOLBY JAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
11096MONTGOMERY JIMon paper 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11100MOWBRAY TONY1 in stock5.007.706.50
11102MUSTOE ROBBIE1 in stock5.007.706.50
11106NEVILLE PHIL6 in stock on card5.007.706.50
11107NEVILLE PHILon paper 1 in stock6.009.247.80
1111NICO VAESEN1 in stock4.006.165.20
11111NIELSON1 in stock5.007.706.50
11112NUMAN ARTHUR1 in stock5.007.706.50
11115O`LEARY DAVID 11 in stock7.0010.789.10
11115O`SHEA JOHN1 in stock
11121OTERO JORGE1 in stock4.006.165.20
11121PAGANIN M1 in stock4.006.165.20
11122PAGLIUCA GIANLUCA1 in stock4.006.165.20
11124PALLISTER GARY2 in stock5.007.706.50
11125PALMER CARLTON1 in stock6.009.247.80
11126PANTANELLI A1 in stock4.006.165.20
11127PAPE SARR1 in stock5.007.706.50
11128PARKER SCOTT1 in stock5.007.706.50
11129PEARSON STUARTon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11131PEMBRIDGE MARKon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11131PEREZ SEBASTIANon paper 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11133PERREY CHRIS2 in stock5.007.706.50
11134PERRY CHRISwith small photo on 1 in stock1.001.541.30
10866PETER BEARDSLEY2 in stock
11135PIGOTT CHRIS2 in stock4.006.165.20
11137PIPER MATTHEW1 in stock4.006.165.20
111038PIRES ROBERT1 in stock5.007.706.50
11140POBORSKY KAROL1 in stock6.009.247.80
11139POOM MARTon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11143PRICE MICHAEL1 in stock4.006.165.20
11144PRINGLE MARTIN1 in stock5.007.706.50
11145PROCTOR MARK1 in stock5.007.706.50
11146RADOSAVJEVIC PREDRAGon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11576REDKNAPP HARRY1 in stock on white card5.007.706.50
11149RICARDO1 in stock6.009.247.80
11150RIEPER MARC2 in stock4.006.165.20
11151RIPLEY STUART1 in stock4.006.165.20
11152RITCHIE PAUL1 in stock6.009.247.80
11153ROBERTS ANDY1 in stock4.006.165.20
11154ROBERTS BEN1 in stock5.007.706.50
11155ROBERTSON DAVID14 in stock4.006.165.20
11052ROGER LEMERRE1 in stock5.007.706.50
11158ROSSI SEBASTIANO1 in stock 5.007.706.50
11504RUDDOCK NEIL Razor3 in stock5.007.706.50
11160RUSSELL SAM1 in stock5.007.706.50
11161SAIB MUSSAon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10969SALVATORE FRESI1 in stock4.006.165.20
11161SAUNDERS DEAN4 in stock4.006.165.20
11163SAVIJEVIC DEJAN1 in stock4.006.165.20
11164SAXTON BOBBY1 in stock5.007.706.50
11165SCHNOOR STEFANon paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
11168SEGARS HANS1 in stock4.006.165.20
11169SHEFFIELD UNITEDnumerous signatures 1 in stock From the Pace era, all signatures are cut pieces laid to an album page and all have tape marks10.0015.4013.00
11171SHEFFIELD UNITEDHemsley + Flynn + Powell + Addison. Also 4 signatures on the reverse. 1 in stock All are small cut pieces laid to an album page, all have tape marks5.007.706.50
111072SHERWOOD TIM1 in stock4.006.165.20
11173SHIPPERLEY NIEL1 in stock3.004.623.90
11174SILVESTRI MICHEL2 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11175SILVINHO4 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11177SMITH ALAN1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11178SMITH JAMIE1 in stock 5.007.706.50
11181SNELDERS PAVEL1 in stock4.006.165.20
11180SNELDERS THEO3 IN STOCK4.006.165.20
11182SNODIN GLYN1 in stock5.007.706.50
11183SOLSJAER OLE GUNAR3 in stock6.009.247.80
11184SOUTHALL NEVILLE3 in stock5.007.706.50
11185SPINK NIGEL1 in stock6.009.247.80
11187STAM JAAP10 in stock on card4.006.165.20
10878STAN BOWLES4 in stock on plain white card with either the 3 Lions logo or QPR logo5.007.706.50
11045STAN LAZARIDIS1 in stock4.006.165.20
11189STANIC MARIO5 IN STOCK4.006.165.20
11190STAPLETON FRANK1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11190STAUNTON STEVE1 in stock5.007.706.50
11192STAUNTON STEVEon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11193STEIN MARK1 in stock5.007.706.50
10996STEPHANE HENCHOZon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11194STEPNEY ALEX6 in stock5.007.706.50
11195STERLAND MEL1 in stock4.006.165.20
11196STEWART MARCUSon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11197STIELKE ULRICH1 in stock5.007.706.50
11198STIMAC IGOR1 in stock4.006.165.20
11199STONE STEVE1 in stock5.007.706.50
11203STURRIDGE DEAN on paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
11141SULLIVAN NEIL1 in stock5.007.706.50
111042SUTTON CHRISon paper 3 in stock5.007.706.50
11642SWISS TEAM 19669 signatures from 1966 World Cup team. All are small cut pieces and all have discoloured tape adhesion marks5.007.706.50
11206TAYLOR IAN 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11209TIGAN A JEAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10965TIM FLOWERSon paper 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10964TIM FLOWERS3 in stock5.007.706.50
11097TOMMY MOONEY1 in stock3.004.623.90
11211TOWNSEND ANDY1 in stock5.007.706.50
11176TREVOR SINCLAIR3 in stock5.007.706.50
10842TUDOR JOHN & WOODWARD ALANdedicated 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11213TWISS MICHAELon paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
11215UNSWORTH DAVIDon paper 2 in stock4.006.165.20
11219VAGA RAMON1 in stock4.006.165.20
11216VALCKX STAN1 in stock4.006.165.20
11217VALERY PATRICKon paper 1 in stock
11218VAN DER GOUN RAIMOND2 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
11220VIDMAR TONY3 in stock4.006.165.20
11221VIDUCA MARK1 in stock4.006.165.20
11222WADDLE CHRIS1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11223WALTERS MARK7 in stock4.006.165.20
11225WANCHOPE PAULO2 in stock4.006.165.20
11224WANCHOPE PAULOon paper, 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11226WARHURST PAULon paper, 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11227WATSON DAVE2 in stock4.006.165.20
11228WEATHERALL DAVID2 in stock5.007.706.50
11229WENGER ARSENE2 in stock on card8.0012.3210.40
11231WILSON DANNYon paper, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11245WINTERBURN NIGEL1 in stock5.007.706.50
11236WINTERS DAVY1 in stock3.004.623.90
11237WOODGATE JONATHAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
11238WORTHINGTON FRANKon paper, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11239WOUTERS JAN6 in stock4.006.165.20
11240WREH CHRISon paper, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11242ZIEGE CHRISTIAN1 in stock6.009.247.80
11243ZIWANE M1 in stock4.006.165.20
11244ZUBIZARRETA1 in stock4.006.165.20
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