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Preprinted Signatures
Item RefItem TitleDescription$
20046ALAN ALDAc10x8 chest upward arms folded in later years of the MASH star15.0023.1019.50
20023BARBERA JOEc11x8 nice shot of the Flintstones, stamped signature1.001.541.30
20024BARBERA JOEc11x8 - nice shot of Tom & Jerry, stamped signature1.001.541.30
20028BASINGER KIMbw10x8 head & shoulders preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20009BERRY HALLEc7x5 chest upward in white vest, preprinted signature, Bond Girl1.001.541.30
20030BOREANAZ DAVIDc7x5 waist upward in leather, preprinted signature, Buffy, Angel1.001.541.30
20040CALLAHAN BILLc10x8d University Of Nebraska Football Coach. Preprinted signature with actual secretarial dedication1.001.541.30
20042CECG THOMAS Rc5x3.5 Nobel Chemistry 1989, head & shoulders, stamped signature. Price is for 2 different shots1.001.541.30
20005CHICOc6x4 Waist upward of the X Factor contestant, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20038CUOCO KALEYc7x5 head Simple Rules, Charmed& shoulders, preprinted signature, 1.001.541.30
20069DIY SOSc6x4 preprinted signatures of Nick Knowles and the team1.001.541.30
20019DOYLE CRAIGbw6x4 head & shoulders of the presenter, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20021ELECTRA CARMENc7x5 waist upward of the actress, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20010FOX MATTHEWc7x5 shown against the ocean. Lost series, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20013FROST JOEc10x8 full length shot of Supernanny, preprinted signature, some bending to photo1.001.541.30
20008GELLAR SARAH MICHELLEc7x5 sat on the floor, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20062GLADIATORSc6x4 all the original Gladiators shown on a Christmas card, all 14 preprinted signatures inside1.001.541.30
20057GLENN JOEbw11x8 head & shoulders of the University of Wyoming Head Football Coach. Pre printed signature in black.1.001.541.30
20058GLENN JOEbw11x8 Preprinted signature of the Head Coach of Wyoming Univ. Football Team. Chest upward shot1.001.541.30
20044GRAVES PETERbw7x5 chest upward preprinted signature. Airplane, Mission impossible1.001.541.30
20006GREEN SETHc6x4 head & shoulders, preprinted signature, actor from Bubby and Austin Powers1.001.541.30
20003HALONEN TARJAc6x4 chest upward, President of Finland, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20031HANNIGAN ALYSONc7x5 chest upward, preprinted signature, Buffy.1.001.541.30
20015HARKISHIN JIMIc6x4 close up of face on a Coronation St promo, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20012HARRIS EDbw10x8 head & shoulders, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20041HUTTON LAURENc10x8 US actress shown seated wearing green jacket, stamped signature1.001.541.30
20036LeBLANC MATTc7x5 chest upward, star of Friends and Joey. Preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20020LEWIS JULIETTEc7x5 chest upward of the actress rock singer, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20053LULUc8x6 nice shot leaning on a wall, preprinted signature in black marker1.001.541.30
20043MEYER URBANc11x8 University of Florida head football coach, waist upward with other inset pictures. Preprinted black marker signature1.001.541.30
20050MURPHY SHAUNbw6x4 arty snooker image, preprinted signature in white1.001.541.30
20051MURRAY ANDYc6x4 Tennis star on the court, preprinted signature in black1.001.541.30
20064NICHOLAS PAULbw7x5 head & shoulders possibly 1970s/80s image, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20004O'NEIL JAMIEbw6x4 waist upward of the Country Music singer, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20008O'NEILL EDbw7x5 head & shoulders, played Al Bundy in Maried--With Children, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20065O'SULLIVAN RICHARDbw6x4 in character as Dick Turpin from the TV series. Stamped signature1.001.541.30
20055OTTO MIRANDAc7x5 shown with a horse from Lord of The Rings, silver pre-printed signature1.001.541.30
20037PATRICK ROBERTc7x5 chest upward in character from X-Files. also in Terminator. preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20052RASMUSSEN ANDERS FOGHbw8x6 preprinted signature showing the Prime Minister of Denmark chest upward1.001.541.30
20014RICHARD FLEESHMANc6x4 close up of face on a Coronation St promo, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20033RODRIGUEZ ALEXc7x5 New York Yankees baseball player, preprinted signature, chest upward with bat1.001.541.30
20001SAGET BOBc6x4 waist upward casual shot, US comedian actor. Preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20060SARACENc6x4 Gladiator shown in full costume. Hand dedicated to Sue but preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20045SAVAGE FREDbw7x5 casual shot as an adult, preprinted signature. The Wonder Years1.001.541.30
20025STEPHEN COONTSc7x5 nice shot chest upward of the author, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20035STILLER BENbw7x5 chest upward arms folded, silver preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20011STRONG RIDERc6x4 US Actor, Boy Meets World, sat on the floor, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20026SUGARLANDc10x8 showing all 3 of the US band, stamped signatures1.001.541.30
20027TERI HARRISONbw10x8 close up of face of the US The Price Is Right girl, preprinted signature1.001.541.30
20067THATCHER MARGARETbw7x5 posed shot as Prime Minister, with preprinted signature in bottom margin1.001.541.30
20034THIESSEN TIFFANIbw7x5 head & shoulders, preprinted signature in black marker1.001.541.30
20011THOMAS JANEbw10x8 head & shoulders, preprinted signature, Actor, Deep Blue Sea1.001.541.30
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