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Film & Stage on CARD
Item RefItem TitleDescription$
10184AITKIN MARIAH1 in stock5.007.706.50
10185ALLEN ELIZABETHdedicated, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10270ANNA NEAGLEdedicated, 1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
11628ANNA NEAGLE1 in stock, album page15.0023.1019.50
10186ARQUETTE ALEXIS1 in stock5.007.706.50
10276ASKWITH ROBIN3 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10187BALLARD KAYE2 in stock6.009.247.80
10278BANKS LESLIEon paper 1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10279BARNES BARRY K1940 on paper 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10188BARRIE BARBARA2 in stock5.007.706.50
10189BISSETT JACQUELINEdedicated, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10280BLANCHE DENIS2 in stock 5.007.706.50
10191BLETHYN BRENDA2 in stock6.009.247.80
10281BONNEVILLE HUGHdedicated 3 in stock4.006.165.20
11493BROOKE TOM1 in stock, on paper, Bridget Jones film.
10284BUCHANAN JACK 7 RANDOLPH ELSIEElsie Randolph has signed on the reverse. 1 in stock24.0036.9631.20
10285BURGIN PATRICK1 in stock5.007.706.50
10192BURSTYN ELLEN1 in stock6.009.247.80
10286CALLAHAN JAMES Tdedicated 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10287CALLEIA JOSEPHdedicated 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10193CALVERT PHYLLIS2 in stock, album pages8.0012.3210.40
10241CATHERINE OXENBERGex Dynasty, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10289CAULFIELD MAXWELL1 in stock6.009.247.80
10401CECIL FREDERICK (RAMSBOTTOM)on paper 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10194CHALLIS JEAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
30CLARK ERNEST1 in stock, on blue paper with small image laid on, dedicated. A Stitch in Time, Norman Wisdom film.5.007.706.50
10290COLLEY KEN1 in stock6.009.247.80
11632COLLINS JOAN1 in stock,album page, some ageing4.006.165.20
10293COONEY RAY2 in stock4.006.165.20
11543COPLEY PAUL1 in stock Zulu Dawn5.007.706.50
10284COURTENEY TOM2 in stock5.007.706.50
11556COX CHARLIE3 in stock US actor comedian wrestler4.006.165.20
10196CUMMINGS CONSTANCE2 in stock, now deceased10.0015.4013.00
10197CUMMINS PEGGY1 in stock6.009.247.80
10198D'ABO MARYAMBond girl, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10297DALES JAMESborn 1886 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10298DANCE CHARLES1 in stock5.007.706.50
10274DANNY AIELLO1 in stock, on card, Pret-a-Porter, Ruby, Man on Fire7.0010.789.10
10300DAVID PHIL3 in stock5.007.706.50
10298DAVIES JEREMY4 in stock, saving Private Ryan6.009.247.80
11518DAVIES WARWICK2 in stock, Wicket in Star Wars, Willow, Harry Potter5.007.706.50
10199DAYNE TAYLOR1 in stock6.009.247.80
10200DENCH JUDI1 in stock7.0010.789.10
10301DENNISON MICHAELon paper 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10272DENNISON MICHAEL & GRAY DULCIE1 in stock14.0021.5618.20
10201DORE KARINon lined card, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10303DOUGLAS JACK6 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10303DRAYTON ALFREDon paper 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10202DRIVER MINNIE1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10204EDNEY BEATTIEdedicated, in Highlander, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10205EGE JULIEenvelope part, with hand written signed name and address, 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11629EKBERG ANITA1 in stock, album page10.0015.4013.00
10244ELSIE RANDOLPHJack Buchanan on reverse, 1 in stock24.0036.9631.20
10207FISCHER DOREENsigned 1944, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10306FLAVIN TIM3 in stock3.004.623.90
10208FONTAINE JOAN2 in stock7.0010.789.10
10307FORD-DAVIES OLIVER1 in stock5.007.706.50
10400FRANCIS FREDDYcinematographer 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10209FRIEDMAN MARIA1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10403GAIN LAURIEdedicated 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10404GARNER JAMES1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10221GERALDINE JAMES1 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10211GERMAINE LOUISE1 in stock4.006.165.20
10405GLOVER JULIAN2 in stock5.007.706.50
10212GRANT LEE2 in stock5.007.706.50
10213GRAY DULCIEdedicated, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10216HAMILTON DIANAdied 1951, 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10407HANLEY JIMMYon paper 1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10408HARE ROBERTSON & NARES OWEN Nares has signed on the reverse 1 in stock20.0030.8026.00
10409HARPER FRANKdedicated 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10412HEARNE RICHARD`Mr Pastry` 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
10413HEDLEY JACK1 in stock6.009.247.80
10414HENRY JUSTIN2 in stock5.007.706.50
10415HOLDSWORTH REX1 in stock4.006.165.20
10217HORROCKS JANE2 in stock5.007.706.50
10416HOWARD RONALDon paper 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
10218HUNTER KIM1 in stock15.0023.1019.50
10219HUSTON ANGELICA2 in stock6.009.247.80
10288IAN CARMICHAEL3 in stock, on card DECEASED6.009.247.80
10309JAMES FOX1 in stock5.007.706.50
10418JAYSTON MICHAEL3 in stock4.006.165.20
34JEFFRIES LIONEL2 in stock, signed in 20095.007.706.50
10459JOHN GORDON SINCLAIR1 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10420JONES GRIFFITHon paper 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
10222JUDY KELLYon paper, 1 in stock15.0023.1019.50
11573KAREN ALLEN2 in stock, on card, Indiana Jones star6.009.247.80
10422KEANE GEOFFREY1 in stock7.0010.789.10
10423KERR DAVIDon paper 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10432KEVIN McCARTHY2 DECEASED in stock on card7.0010.789.10
10223KIRKLAND SALLY1 in stock5.007.706.50
10283KLAUS MARIA BRANDAUER2 in stock, on card, James Bond actor6.009.247.80
10424KORRIS HARRY on paper 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
10425KWOUK BURT6 in stock4.006.165.20
10427LA RUE DANNY2 in stock5.007.706.50
10224LANGDON SU ANNdedicated, 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10224LANGDON SU ANNdedicated, 1 in stock3.004.623.90
10273LAWTON FRANK & LAYE EVELYN1 in stock16.0024.6420.80
10226LEACH ROSEMARY1 in stock4.006.165.20
10225LEDERER FRANCISon paper, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10428LEWIS MATTHEW2 in stock 5.007.706.50
7LLEWELYN DESMOND2 in stock, on plain card, played Q in the Bond movies.16.0024.6420.80
10430LOTTINGA ERNIEon paper 1 in stock 10.0015.4013.00
10228LUPONE PATTY1 in stock5.007.706.50
10435MARCUS STEVE1 in stock5.007.706.50
10229MARSHA MASON1 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10230MATTHEWS JESSIEon paper, signed in the 1950s12.0018.4815.60
10236MCALPINE FIONA1 in stock5.007.706.50
10237MCCORMACK CATHERINE1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10238MCGOVERN ELIZABETH2 in stock5.007.706.50
10231MEDINA PATRICIA1 in stock5.007.706.50
10757MEDWIN MICHAEL1 in stock6.009.247.80
10436MEDWIN MICHAEL1 in stock5.007.706.50
10437MENDES SAMdirector 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10232MENZIES HEATHER1 in stock5.007.706.50
10233MINTY JEANETTEsigned in 1949, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10235MORGAN MICHELLE1 in stock6.009.247.80
10438MURDOCK RICHARDon paper 1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10439MURRAY-HILL PETER & PRICE DENISon paper Price has signed on the reverse 1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10440NARES OWEN & HARE ROBERTSONon paper Hare has signed on the reverse 1 in stock20.0030.8026.00
11523NEIL HILDEGARD2 in stock married to Brian Blessed4.006.165.20
10271NEWMAN NANETTE2 in stock5.007.706.50
10239NIGHTINGALE L1 in stock4.006.165.20
22NORMAN WISDOMAlbum page, dedicated, also signed by Normans son Nick, dated 197222.0033.8828.60
21NORMAN WISDOMOn a green Pot Shots card, dedicated, with printed motto, "better start rushing before the rush begins" and a sketched picture (not of Norman). Signed in pen18.0027.7223.40
20NORMAN WISDOM7 in stock on plain card. British Comedy22.0033.8828.60
25NORMAN WISDOM1 in stock, on lined paperin blue pen and dedicated. British comedy16.0024.6420.80
10442O`HERHILY DAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10443O`NEAL RYAN3 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10203OLYMPIA DUKAKIS5 in stock, on card6.009.247.80
10240O'MARA KATE3 in stock5.007.706.50
11534OSBORNE BRIAN2 in stock several Carry On films5.007.706.50
10446PALMER GEOFFREY1 IN STOCK5.007.706.50
10242PELLEGRINI MARGAREToriginal Munchkin, 1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
11502PHILLIPS SIAN1 in stock4.006.165.20
10449QUILLEY DENIS3 in stock7.0010.789.10
10450RAYMOND GENEdedicated 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10245REDGRAVE RACHEL KEMPSTON1 in stock6.009.247.80
11600REX HARRISON1 in stock, album page, signed 1970s/80s a ta UK Theatre. Dr Doolittle, My Fair Lady28.0043.1236.40
11545RICHARD TODD1 in stock, album page, one crease through bottom of the R. Dambusters fame as Guy Gibson10.0015.4013.00
10465RICHARD TODD2 in stock, album page8.0012.3210.40
10234RITA MORENO2 in stock, on plain card6.009.247.80
10246RIVERA CHITA1 in stock5.007.706.50
10453RIX BRIANdedicated 1 in stock
10452RIX BRIAN2 IN STOCK5.007.706.50
10429ROBERT LOGGIADECEASED 1 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10347ROC PATRICIA1 in stock6.009.247.80
11514RON MOODYDECEASED 1 in stock dedicated, on card Oliver! Fagin6.009.247.80
10348ROWLANDS GENA2 in stock6.009.247.80
10455SALES FREDDIEdedicated 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10206SAMANTHA EGGARangled cut piece, 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
10249SCHELL MARIAdedicated, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10250SCOTT JEANETTE1 in stock5.007.706.50
10251SCOTT KATHERINE LEE1 in stock5.007.706.50
10252SEAGROVE JENNY1 in stock5.007.706.50
10457SHER ANTONY1 in stock4.006.165.20
10458SILVA FRANK1 in stock5.007.706.50
11513SIMON CALLOW 1 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10460SISSONS JOHN1 in stock4.006.165.20
10461SPEER HUGO 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10462SPINNETTI VICTOR3 in stock5.007.706.50
10463STAINLESS STEPHEN1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
10253STEPHENSON JULIET2 in stock5.007.706.50
10254STEWART GLORIAOld Rose in Titanic, 1 in stock. Now deceased7.0010.789.10
10255STORM GALE1 in stock5.007.706.50
10464TAYLOR BENEDICT1 in stock4.006.165.20
10256THACKERAY PHYLLIS1 in stock6.009.247.80
10257THOMPSON EMMA1 in stock6.009.247.80
11572TURNER KATHLEEN1 in stock, on paper5.007.706.50
10466VINCENT ROBBIEEnoch on paper 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10467WALBROOK ANTON1939 on paper 1 in stock18.0027.7223.40
10468WALLS TOMon paper 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10469WATERSTON SAM2 in stock7.0010.789.10
10471WELCHMAN HARRY1886 -1966 1 in stock4.006.165.20
10472WHEATLEY THOMAS1 in stock9.0013.8611.70
10473WILLIAMS EMLYNon paper 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
10262WILLIAMS EMMAshort signed note, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
10263WILLIAMS KIMBERLEY1 in stock5.007.706.50
10265WITHERS GOOGIE1 in stock6.009.247.80
10474WOOD WEE GEORGIE1 in stock7.0010.789.10
10266YATES MARJORIE4 in stock5.007.706.50
10476YORK MICHAEL1 in stock5.007.706.50
11628YORK SUSANNAH2 in stock signed in blue5.007.706.50
10267YORK SUSANNAH4 in stock5.007.706.50
10268YOUNG AIDAN1 in stock5.007.706.50
10269ZADORA PIA1 in stock7.0010.789.10
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