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TV Female
Item RefItem TitleDescription$
3010ALEX FLETCHERBrookside headed letter Short typed note hand signed. letter has been folded2.003.082.60
6356ALEX KINGSTONc10x7 waist up in character from ER, autograph in black marker pen over white tunic.16.0024.6420.80
6880ALISON HAMMONDc6x4 chest upward, ex Big Brother and now a This Morning presenter with Fern & Phil. Signed in black with first name. Strictly Come Dancing5.007.706.50
2931AMANDA BARRIEbw6x3.5 head & shoulders sideways shot face turned to camera. Alma in Coronation St and Bad Girls5.007.706.50
3157AMANDA REDMANbw7x6 head shot signed in bottom border5.007.706.50
5924AMANDA REDMANbw6x4 head & shoulders portrait shot signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
6845ANDREA JACKSONc10x8d waist upward portrait shot of the host of US show The Daily Buzz, signed in black marker8.0012.3210.40
7633ANGELA CURRANbw5.5x3.5 smiling to camera, signed in bottom margin. One of the Calendar Girls in the film. Also Where The Heart Is, Caualty, Vera Drake & many more5.007.706.50
7286ANGELA RIPPONbw5x3.5 1980s image chest upward signed in black marker5.007.706.50
6773ANGELA THORNEbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders possibly 80s image, signed in bottom margin. Played Marjory in To The Manor Born5.007.706.50
3219ANGELA THORNEbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders portrait, signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
6658ANITA DOBSONc6x4d waist upward portrair shot of the Ex Eastenders actress, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
6657ANITA DOBSON c6x4 waist upward portrait shot signed in black marker. Ex Eastenders actress5.007.706.50
3002ANN EMERYbw6x4 head & shoulders signed in bottom margin2.003.082.60
2968ANNA CARTERETbw6x4 head & shoulders signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
3114ANNA MEARAbw10x8 head & shoulders. US TV series, Archie BUnker, Rhoda and films inc. The Boys From Brazil14.0021.5618.20
3176ANNA RYDER RICHARDSONc6x4 head & shoulders, Changing Rooms girl. Some of signature over dark area5.007.706.50
2993ANNE DIAMONDbw6x4 close up of face on a TV AM promo. possible first name signature6.009.247.80
6462ANNE ROBINSONc6x4 chest upward signed photo in silver on a Weakest Link promo5.007.706.50
7634ANNIE WOODc10x8 portrait shot chest upward signed in black marker, part of signature has lifted a little. Becker, Numbers etc. 10.0015.4013.00
7946ANTHEA TURNERc7x6 chest upward wearing red and signed in black. Ex Blue Peter6.009.247.80
7493ASHLEY JENSENc10x8 superb waist upward shot of the Extras, Clocking Off and Ugly Betty actress, signed in black marker.22.0033.8828.60
3238BECKY WANTbw6x4 chest upward on a Granada TV promosigned with first name4.006.165.20
3080BELINDA LANGbw5.5x3.5 chest upward portrait shot, signed in bottom margin. Two Point Four Children star5.007.706.50
5107BELLA EMBERGc6x4 chest upward casual shot signed in silver marker, nice lengthy hand written signed message on reverse.5.007.706.50
5106BELLA EMBERGc6x4 head & shoulders smiley shot signed in silver, nice item. British Comedy5.007.706.50
6343BONNIE LANGFORDc6x4 2006 image, hands on hips signed in black marker, ex Dr Who girl5.007.706.50
7057BOUNTY GIRLS MIAMIc10x8d US reality show hunting down real fugitives by four bounty girls. All four shown and signed by two, Jade & Jag.10.0015.4013.00
6428BROOKE 'MIKEY' ANDERSONc10x8 close up of face, signed photo in silver marker, plays Charlotte on LOST. Also E Street.14.0021.5618.20
6427BROOKE 'MIKEY' ANDERSONbw10x8d Hips upward casual shot, plays Charlotte in LOST. Also E Street. Signed photo in silver marker. 12.0018.4815.60
2967CAPRICEc15x10m chest upward looking to camera, attractive item16.0024.6420.80
2966CAPRICEbw10x8 chest upward, attractive image, signed in black marker. Mounted to 12x1015.0023.1019.50
6145CARLY HILLMANc7x5 chest upward smiling to camera, ex Eastenders, signed with first name in blue pen5.007.706.50
2960CAROL BURNETTbw7x5 stood in front of a sign with her name on, probably her US TV show6.009.247.80
3192CAROL SMILLIEc6x4 waist upward but laid down, signed in pen5.007.706.50
5385CAROL SMILLIEc6x4 chest upward in sweater, signed in black in bottom margin5.007.706.50
3223CAROLINE TROWBRIDGEbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders, stage & TV actress, signed in bottom margin4.006.165.20
3175CATHERINE RUSSELLbw10x8 still from Chandler & Co. Signed in black at the side of her image8.0012.3210.40
3124CATHY MURPHYbw7x5 head & shoulders signed on reverse. Casualty, Eastenders, Angelas Ashes3.004.623.90
3226CATHY TYSONbw10x8 head & shoulders smiling to camera, signed in black marker14.0021.5618.20
2996CHARLIE DIMMOCKa first daycover for British gardens signed in black pen over white area12.0018.4815.60
5948CHARLIE DIMMOCKc6x4 chest upward portrait shot signed in black marker. Ground Force etc.5.007.706.50
2997CHARLIE DIMMOCKc14x12m posed shot chest upward with a man. laser copy photo slightly grainy15.0023.1019.50
6948CHARLIE DIMMOCKA First Day Cover,1979, for British Flowers signed in black pen12.0018.4815.60
87CHERIE LUNGHIbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders looking to camera, signed in black marker. Cutting It, Eastenders5.007.706.50
2910CHILDRENS WARDc6x4 cast shot in character signed by Judy Holt in bottom margin4.006.165.20
7178CHRISTINE ELISE McCARTHYc10x8 waist upward signed in black marker. Appeared in Jag, ER, Childs Play, Beverly Hills 90210, Law & order etc.Nice item14.0021.5618.20
6881CHRISTINE WESTERMANNc6x4 waist upward of the German TV presenter of Zimmer Frei, signed in black.5.007.706.50
5805CLARE SWEENEYbw5x4 close up of face, signed in marker5.007.706.50
11554CLARE SWEENEY3 in stock, plain card4.006.165.20
4142CLAUDIA CHRISTIANbw10x8 in character from Babylon 5, signed in marker pen16.0024.6420.80
7102CRISTINA PEREZ JUDGEbw10x8d head & shoulders of the star of Cristina's Court, signed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
6836CRYSTAL HUNTc7x5d chest upward nice shot of the actress from US seies Guiding Light, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
7445DAPHNE ALEXANDERbw10x8 Cloe up of face, however, black marker signature on the reverse. Casualty, Dream Team5.007.706.50
6311DEBBIE KORLEYbw10x8d chest upward smiling to camera. Signed in black marker. Cave Girl, Casualty and West End shows. has a full length vertical surface bend.
7143DEE SADLERbw10x8d head & shoulders on a photo that has darkened over time. Appeared in Dr Who, Holby, The Bill5.007.706.50
3244DEE WHITEHEADbw8x6 chest upward shot prior to her becoming one of the new family in Emmerdale5.007.706.50
5267DENISE CROSBYc10x8 chest upward as Tasha Yar in Star Trek, not in standard uniform. Signed in silver marker, photo a little grainy.14.0021.5618.20
5211DENISE CROSBYc10x8 chest upward as Tasha Yar, Star Trek, nice image and good signature.14.0021.5618.20
7891DENISE VAN OUTENc7x5 Head & shoulders of the actress singer signed in black marker7.0010.789.10
3152DIANA QUICKbw5.5x3.5 two images available, one chest upward the other casual seated on the floor, each5.007.706.50
6571DIANDRA NEWLINc10x8 chest upward of the 15 year old, US actress singer, signed to k in black marker10.0015.4013.00
6133DIANE HILLbw10x8d sports reporter for Maxim magazine. waist upward arms folded signed in black marker8.0012.3210.40
6515DIANE KEENEbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders portrait shot, Doctors, Cuckoo Waltz actress, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
7028DIANE LOUISE JORDANc10x8md ex Blue Peter presenter. Shown waist upward, black marker signature on white card6.009.247.80
37DILYS LAYEbw7x5d - DECEASED - head & shoulders signed in black marker, Carry On, Doctors, Eastenders5.007.706.50
6612DONNA AIRc8x6 close up of face signed in black marker, ex Byker Grove and presenter6.009.247.80
6675DONNALEIGH BAILEYbw7x5 head & shoulders looking to camera, appears in Doctors, signed in marker. Also Crossroads.5.007.706.50
3110DOREEN MANTLEbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders portrait shot, signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
3004EDIE FALCOc15x10m chest upward in leather jacket, Sopranos star. Photo is a laser copy and slightly grainy15.0023.1019.50
3101ELIZABETH McGOVERNbw5.5x3.5 chest upward smiling to camera, signed in black4.006.165.20
7153ELLEN DUBINc10x8d in character as Jeri Slate from the TV series The Collector, nice item signed in red marker12.0018.4815.60
7152ELLEN DUBINc10x8d chest upward portrait shot signed in red marker. Appears as Jeri Slate in The Collector TV series.10.0015.4013.00
3040EMMA HARRISONc7x4 reclining and showing only right half of her, was a regular in commercials and Neighbours. mag pic laid to card, marker signature8.0012.3210.40
6733EMMA MILNEc7x4d group shot on a Vets In Practice promo, signed in pen5.007.706.50
3128EMMA NOBLEc15x10m chest upward all glamed up, eyes looking down16.0024.6420.80
3203EMMA STEADMANc6x4 provocative shot of the assistant on Bruce's Price Is Right4.006.165.20
6815ERICA HILLc7x5 lovely shot of the anchor girl for Headline News on CNN. Signed with first name in black marker5.007.706.50
3155ESTHER RANTZENc6.5x4 chest upward of the presenter, signed in bottom margin4.006.165.20
4217EVE BARKERbw5.5x3.5d chest upward, appeared in The Robin Hood series a few years ago, signed in silver.5.007.706.50
6534EVE MYLESc14x12m a 10x8 photo in character as Gwen Cooper from TORCHWOOD ( DR WHO )series mounted with a 6x4 inch head & shoulders portrait photo signed in black. Excellent item24.0036.9631.20
7002FELICITY KENDALbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders later years shot laid down, The Good Life star, signed in black5.007.706.50
7277FELICITY KENDALbw5.5x3.5 1970s soft image head & shoulders, signed in bottom margin. The Good Life star5.007.706.50
5023FENELLA FIELDINGbw6x4d close up of face signed in marker in bottom margin.5.007.706.50
3222FRANCES TOMELTYbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders, played in Ballykissangel, Cracker, many more inc. films. Slight smudging2.003.082.60
7034FREEMA AGYEMANc6x4d great shot as Martha Jones from Dr Who, signed with first name in black marker. (dedication is secretarial)8.0012.3210.40
3174GABY ROSLINc6x4 knees upward from a high angle, casual clothes5.007.706.50
3224GAYLE TUESDAYbw10x8d chest upward holding a toy cuddly puppy, bottom margin is printed 'Page Three Stunna Gayle Tuesday', also signed on rear with real name & dedicated10.0015.4013.00
5997GEMMA JONESbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders, appears in All About George, signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
6466GERALDINE MCNULTYc6x4d in character as Mrs Raven from My Hero, signed in blue pen.5.007.706.50
7603GINA TORRESc10x8 as Zoe Washburne in Firefly with two other crew members aiming weapons. Great shot with black marker signature16.0024.6420.80
7732GLORIA HUNNIFORDc6x4 chest upward on a Open House promo signed in black marker, nice image5.007.706.50
6981GRACE ROLEKc10x8 chest upward of the young US actress, Desperate Housewives, NCIS many more and film, signed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
5828GWEN TAYLORc6x4 in character as Peggy on a Heartbeat promo, signed in black pen5.007.706.50
3215GWEN TAYLORbw7x5d head & shoulders smiling to camera, signed in bottom margin4.006.165.20
5829GWEN TAYLORbw5.5x3.5 chest upward casual portrait, signed in bottom margin. Heartbeat Duty Free and Barbara.5.007.706.50
3027HANNAH GORDONbw5.5x3.5 younger shot chest upward, signed in bottom margin4.006.165.20
7320HANNAH GORDONbw5.5x3.5d chest upward almost sepia effect signed in black marker5.007.706.50
3085HELEN LEDERERbw5.5x3.5 close up of face, impersonator and comedy sketch actress. Naked Video, Absolutely Fabulous5.007.706.50
6457HELEN LEDERERbw6x4 head & shoulders with cheeky expression, signed in black pen. Naked Video, Absolutely Fabulous5.007.706.50
3202IMELDA STAUNTONbw5.5x3.5d close up of face, smiling to camera3.004.623.90
6420INDIRA JOSHIc7x5 head & shoulders of mum in The Kumars At Number 42. Also Goodness Gracious Me, signed photo in black pen in bottom margin8.0012.3210.40
2998JAMIE LYNN DiSCALAc11x8 scanned copy on paper in a great posed shot of the Sopranos actress who plays Meadow. Black marker signature dedicated to K14.0021.5618.20
3029JAN GRAVESONbw10x8d waist upward in black, appeared in Casualty, Frost, also sings12.0018.4815.60
5054JAN RAVENSbw5.5x3.5 - chest upward portrait, many TV shows and a writer for Dead Ringers, signed in blue some over dark area.5.007.706.50
3168JANCIS ROBINSONc8x4 a BBC promo for Taste, shown holding a block of cheese, signed on reverse. Wine expert3.004.623.90
5754JANE FREEMANc6x4 Last of the Summer Wine promo showing all the ladies seated in the cafe, signed in bottom margin.5.007.706.50
5755JANE FREEMANc6x4 Last of the Summer Wine promo as Ivy showing her in the cafe, signed in bottom margin.5.007.706.50
3039JANE HANSONbw7.5x5 chest upward of the Today In New York presenter, inscription and signature in green marker4.006.165.20
3049JANE HORROCKSbw5.5x3.5 plays Bubbles in AB. FAB. star of Little Voice, Gracie.
3050JANE HORROCKSc16x12m chest upward all dressed up, big smile20.0030.8026.00
3245JANE WALLThe Bill headed letter typed signed short letter, played a WPC2.003.082.60
3252JANE WYMARKbw5.5x3.5 chest upward, starred in Poldark, also Midsummer Murders, signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
7219JAYNE BROWNc7x5 Head & shoulders on a QVC Channel promo, signed in black marker by the presenter5.007.706.50
3120JAYNE MIDDLEMISSc12x8d reclining showing midriff on a posed shot, signed in gold marker12.0018.4815.60
3111JEAN MARSHbw10x8 a still from Upstairs Downstairs showing her with Gordon Jackson, clear black signature22.0033.8828.60
6985JENNIE BONDc6x4 head & shoulders of the presenter and ex Royal correspondent, signed in black pen5.007.706.50
6986JENNIE BONDA 1977 First Day Cover for the Queens Silver Jubilee, signed in black by the presenter and ex Royal Correspndent12.0018.4815.60
7165JENNIFER SAUNDERSbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders, one half of French & Saunders, signed in black marker8.0012.3210.40
6535JENNY ECLAIRc6x4 waist upward casually dressed, actress and presenter, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
3205JESSICA STEVENSONbw6x4 head & shoulders, The Royle Family, Harry Enfield4.006.165.20
6702JESSICA WARDc10x8d chest upward nice image signed in black marker. US actress Wicked Wicked Games and Desire10.0015.4013.00
3000JILL EIKENBERRYbw10x8 head & shoulders smiling to camera, several films inc. Arthur, Manhattan Project and also TVs LA Law14.0021.5618.20
6171JILL HALFPENNYbw6x4 head & shoulders looking to camera, signed in black marker. Ex Strictly Come Dancing and Eastenders5.007.706.50
2953JO BRANDon the reverse of a plain postcard. British comedy3.004.623.90
3164JOAN RIVERSbw10x8 DECEASED chest upward of the US comedienne, hands up to chin12.0018.4815.60
2986JOANNA DAVIDbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders of the actress, many parts on TV5.007.706.50
7968JOANNA LUMLEYbw6x4 In character as Purdy, the New Avengers, shown with Steed and Gambit. Signed in black marker. Slight sepia effect, might be a computer printed image.8.0012.3210.40
5757JOSEPHINE TEWSONbw5.5x3.5d chest upward signed in bottom margin, Keeping Up Appearances star.5.007.706.50
6886JOSIE LAWRENCEbw7x5d chest upward smiling shot, signed in black pen5.007.706.50
3084JOSIE LAWRENCEbw10x8 waist upward casual smiley shot, bold signature in black marker. female British Comedy12.0018.4815.60
5953JUDGE JUDYbw10x8d chest upward posed shot boldly signed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
3102JULIA McKENZIEc6x4 pleasant posed shot chest upward. Fresh Fields star4.006.165.20
3158JULIA REEDbw6x4 waist upward in leather of the Robot Wars presenter6.009.247.80
3182JULIA SAWAHALAc15x12m chest upward in flowery top, big smile for the camera16.0024.6420.80
6150JULIETTE KAPLANc6x4d Summer Wine promo showing all the ladies seated in the cafe, signed in black5.007.706.50
3069JULIETTE KAPLANbw6x4 as a stern looking Pearl on a Summer Wine promo. Also same but dedicated -
3243JUNE WHITFIELDc10x8 raising a glass with Jennifer Saunders and Julia Sawalha, not in characters, nice shot and good signature14.0021.5618.20
5717JUNE WHITFIELDc7x5d chest upward nice portrait shot signed in marker5.007.706.50
6604KAREN ASCOEbw10x8 head & shoulders signed photo in blue pen. Played Emma in French Fields, also the Bill, Casualty etc.
7113KATE FLANNERYbw7x5d head & shoulders, plays Meredith Palmer in the US version of The Office, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
6726KATE LAWLERc5.5x3.5 Big Brother winner and TV presenter, knees upward signed with first name in black marker5.007.706.50
7390KATE LAWLERc6x4 ex Big Brother, shown as a radio DJ with headphones around neck, signed with first name in black marker5.007.706.50
6327KATE MULGREWc11x8 posed shot with the crew of Voyager from Star Trek as Janeway, signed in black marker22.0033.8828.60
3133KATE O'MARAbw6x4 head & shoulders signed in bottom margin, black marker5.007.706.50
3166KATE ROBBINSbw6x4d waist upward one hand up to chin3.004.623.90
3220KATE THORNTONc8x6d dressed up for an awards ceremony 1999, signed in black pen6.009.247.80
5791KATE THORNTONbw5.5x3.5 chest upward with big smile, signed with first name. 5.007.706.50
3198KATHY STAFFc15x10m DECEASED full length shot as Norah on a downloaded picture from the Internet24.0036.9631.20
3199KATHY STAFFc15x10m DECEASED shown at the top of a street as Nora Batty looking stern with arms folded21.0032.3427.30
3200KATHY STAFFc6x4d DECEASED nice portrait shot seated, signed in bottom margin. Last of the Summer Wine5.007.706.50
2951KATIE BOYLEc5x4 attached to black card and signed on there in gold and a 'wag tail' from her dog shown on photo6.009.247.80
2916KAY ALEXANDERc6x4 head & shoulders on a BBC West Midlands promo4.006.165.20
6346KELLY ELAINE GALINDOc10x8 head & shoulders signed in pen, appeared in ER and Malibu Beach Vampires + others1.001.541.30
6366KELLY GALINDOc10x8 head & shoulders signed photo, films and TV inc ER and malibu Beach vampires.12.0018.4815.60
6593KIARA HUNTERc10x8d head & shoulders, appeared in X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Alien Incursion. Signed in bold gold marker10.0015.4013.00
5229KIM CATTRALLc11x8 Sex and the City promo showing a posed shot of the four girls, signed in blue marker.22.0033.8828.60
5228KIM CATTRALLc11x8 chest upward portrait style shot, signed in blue marker, Sex and the City fame.22.0033.8828.60
5318KIM CATTRALLc11x8 posed shot of all 4 girls from Sex And The City all dressed in black, signed in blue marker.22.0033.8828.60
5319KIM CATTRALLc9x8 on a photo, nice shot from GIRL mag, shown casually seated and signed in blue marker22.0033.8828.60
3134KIRSTEN O'BRIENpanto leaflet childrens TV presenter signed in black marker 'big love, Kirsten'
7211LAURIE SHOREc7x5 head & shoulders of the QVC presenter on a promo. Signed in black marker5.007.706.50
7283LESLEY JOSEPHc6x4 in character as Dorian from Birds Of A Feather dressed in black, black signature over light area5.007.706.50
5804LESLEY JOSEPHbw6x4 head & shoulders with big smile. Played Dorian in Birds of a Feather5.007.706.50
7671LESLIE ASHc10x8 lovely shot with Neil Morrissey. Both starred in Men Behaving Badly, Signed in marker pen14.0021.5618.20
6164LINDA ROBSONc6x4 casual shot chest upward smiling to camera, signed in pen. Birds of a Feather star5.007.706.50
7282LINDA ROBSONbw5.5x3.5 1980s image chest upward signed in black pen and has added Happy Christmas. One small smudge2.003.082.60
5029LINDA ROBSONc6x4d casual shot shown seated on the floor, Birds of a Feather star.5.007.706.50
6686LINDSAY HOLLISTERc10x8d close up of face, signed in black marker, Nip Tuck, Desperate Housewives10.0015.4013.00
3075LISA KUDROWc10x8 waist upward in red dress with hands behind her head25.0038.5032.50
7084LISA ROBERTSONc7x5 head & shoulders of the US presenter on the QVC channel, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
7673LISA ROGERSc10x8 lovely shot from Grudge Match on TV in 2000. Shown with Nick Weir and the referee Barry McGuigan. Lisa has signed in blue marker10.0015.4013.00
3173LISA ROGERSc11x8 mag pic in boob tube signed to 'K' in black marker, model type pose10.0015.4013.00
7672LISA ROGERSc10x8 lovely item, shown with Nick Weir on the set of Grudge Match, TV in 2000. Signed in marker10.0015.4013.00
6641LIZ SHERIDANbw10x8d head & shoulders signed in blue marker. Played helen in Seinfeld and also in ALF10.0015.4013.00
3194LIZ SMITHc11x8 glossy book pic as Nana the Royle Family,portrait shot of the family, mounted to 13x1216.0024.6420.80
3195LIZ SMITHc11x8 glossy book pic as Nana Royal Family chest upward holding a tea plate, mounted to 12x1016.0024.6420.80
4200LIZA WALKERbw8x6 head & shoulders of the TV actress and also films, signed in black marker. Some images on reverse.7.0010.789.10
7947LORRAINE KELLYc6x4 ITV promo shown knees upward, signed in black pen5.007.706.50
3154LOUIE RAMSAYbw6x4 close up of face, actres in the Avengers, Holby City, Wexford and many more, signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
5032LOUISE JAMESONbw6x4 casual smiling shot chest upward, signed in black marker. Dr Who and Eastenders actress5.007.706.50
3178LOUISE SALTERbw5.5x3.5 close up of face, acted in Our Friends In The North4.006.165.20
5113LUCY BENJAMINbw6x4 chest upward in white shirt, signed in black marker.5.007.706.50
3005LYNN FAIRLEIGHbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders. Appeared in Pride & Prejudice, was Helen Wycliffe in the series.3.004.623.90
3007LYNN FERGUSONbw10x8 close up of face signed in black pen actress and writer, was Mac in Chicken Run12.0018.4815.60
7026LYNSEY BAXTERc12x8md chest upward in character on a small picture. Mounted with a blue signature on white card. Chancer and Peak Practice actress6.009.247.80
3092MAD LIZZIEbw6x4 on a TV AM promo on the floor facinf camera in splits position5.007.706.50
3145MAGGIE PHILBINc8x6 chest upward of the TV presenter, signed in bottom margin6.009.247.80
3211MAGGIE TAGNEYbw7x5d close up of face has signed with own and Nellie Dingle's name in black pen5.007.706.50
4005MALLORY LEWIS & LAMB CHOPbw10x8d Daughter od Shari shown with Lamb Chop. Item has some advertising on, black marker signature.10.0015.4013.00
3103MARIA McERLANEbw8x6d on a promo for 'Love In The Afternoon. Shown with 2 other presenters6.009.247.80
6283MARIE WILSONbw6x4d head & shoulders of the actress from As The World Turns, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
3190MARINA SIRTISbw10x8 posed shot waist upward as herself, bold blue marker signature22.0033.8828.60
5268MARINA SIRTISc10x8 close up of face on a Star Trek Next Gen. promo. Soft focus image signed in silver marker.22.0033.8828.60
2965MARJI CAMPIbw5.5x3.5d close up of face, signed in pen5.007.706.50
3253MARJORIE YATESbw5.5x3.5 many TV appearances and some films4.006.165.20
7123MARSHA FITZALANbw6x4 head & shoulders, Played Mrs B'Stard, The New Statesman,many other TV roles. British Comedy. Signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
2962MARTI CAINEbw5x4 DECEASED head & shoulders with preprinted signature BUT dedicated signaturewith first name on reverse. British comedy12.0018.4815.60
6939MARY ANN SPRINGERc10x8 US tenage actress shown head & shoulders smiling to camera, signed in blue marker, nice item12.0018.4815.60
7244MARY BETH ROEc7x5 head & shoulders of the presenter on a QVC promo, signed in black5.007.706.50
7534MARY K ADAMSc10x8 In character from Star Trek as the Klingon called Grilka holding a weapon, Signed in marker pen14.0021.5618.20
3090MAUREEN LIPMANbw6x4 waist upward all in white, signed in black5.007.706.50
7018MELANIE STACEc12x8m nice shot of the Ex Generation Game hostess, silver signature on white card8.0012.3210.40
3210MELANIE SYKESc16x12m stunning glam shot seated on floor in a bikini. Model and presenter.20.0030.8026.00
6501MICHELLE HOLMESbw6x4 close up of face, signed photo in black marker, Goodnight Sweatheart, Life Begins, The Chase.5.007.706.50
3011MIRANDA FORBESbw7x5d head & shoulders, AbFab, Casualty, As Time Goes By and many more3.004.623.90
3163MIRANDA RICHARDSONbw5.5x3.5 played Queenie in Blackadder5.007.706.50
3162MIRANDA RICHARDSONbw10x8 head & shoulders chin resting on hand. Played Queen Elizabeth in Blackadder12.0018.4815.60
3136MIRIAM O'REILLYc6x4 head & shoulders of the Midlands news presenter4.006.165.20
3206MIRIAM STOPPARDc7x5 TV doctor and presenter shown chest upward5.007.706.50
5082NADIAc7x4 waist upward of the Big Brother winner, black marker signature mostly over black dress.5.007.706.50
6132NAOMI - MILKSHAKEc6x4 chest upward on a Milkshake promo, signed in black marker with first name4.006.165.20
3237NATALIE WALTERc6x4 on a cast shot of Babes In The Wood, signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
7185NATASHA ALAMc10x8 chest upward nice shot, ER, CSI, Nip/Tuck etc. Signed in black marker but surname has some slight edging8.0012.3210.40
7118NATASHA ALAMc10x8 Lovely head & shoulders shot, appeared in CSI, The Unit, ER and many more. Nice inscription and signature in black marker. 12.0018.4815.60
3091NATASHA LITTLEbw5.5x3.5 close up of face, sideways image, appears in Spooks, signed in bottom margin6.009.247.80
7215NAZAN ECKESc6x4 German actress & presenter. Chest upward signed in black marker on an RTL promo5.007.706.50
6156NICKI KELLYbw5.5x3.5d head & shoulders current image of the HI DI HI star, signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
6724NICOLA PAGETTbw7x5d chest upward portrait shot signed in black5.007.706.50
7379NICOLA STAPLETONc6x4 On a Bad Girls promo in character, signed in black marker, played Janine Nebeski5.007.706.50
7478NICOLA STAPLETONbw5.5x3.5 Head & shoulders signed in black marker. Appeared in Eastenders and Bad Girls5.007.706.50
7103NICOLA STEPHENSONbw5.5x3.5 close up of face signed in bottom margin. Brookside, The Chase, Holby and many more5.007.706.50
2952PATRICIA BRAKEbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders, plays in 2.4 Children, Campion, Eldorado5.007.706.50
6050PAULINE QUIRKEc6x4 chest upward, nice shot, Birds Of A Feather star and dramatic actress.5.007.706.50
3212PAULINE TURNERbw5.5x3.5 chest upward looking to camera, signed in black in bottom margin. Young Adam, Cuffs5.007.706.50
3186PEGGY SCHRIMSHAWbw4x3 head & shoulders. Trained as a ballet dancer many years ago, moved into west End shows and then TV4.006.165.20
7259PENELOPE KEITHbw5.5x3.5d chest upward smiling 1980s image, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
7517PENNY JOHNSONc10x8 Lovely smiling shot signed in black marker. Played Sherry Palmer the US Presidents wife in 24 with Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Baur10.0015.4013.00
5069PHILIPPA FORESTERc33x11 mounted poster summer style image with big pink hat, big smile, pink top, signed with first name in black marker.18.0027.7223.40
7848PHILIPPA FORRESTERc33x22m large poster chest upward in sun hat signed in black marker. Extra P&P because of size. Nice item18.0027.7223.40
7449PHOEBE PRICEc10x8 US actress & model, chest upward, signed in black marker. X-Files, The Horse Trader10.0015.4013.00
3093PHYLLIS LOGANbw6x4 chest upward with hands under chin, has appeared in Lovejoy, black marker signature5.007.706.50
3141POLLY PERKINSbw10x8 seated on stage from Eldorado and has signed with character name also8.0012.3210.40
3142POLLY PERKINSc6x4d posed shot waist upward with dog on an Eldorado promo4.006.165.20
5236PRUNELLA SCALESc11x8d waist upward in character as Sybil from Fawlty Towers, signed in blck marker.14.0021.5618.20
5235PRUNELLA SCALESc11x8d group shot in character of Fawlty Towers cast, signed in black marker.16.0024.6420.80
3183PRUNELLA SCALESbw5.5x3.5d head & shoulders recent shot5.007.706.50
6200RACHAEL HOLOWAYc8x6 nice shot chest upward, signed in black marker by the actress, singer and presenter.
6570REBECCA HALLbw6x4 head & shoulders signed in bottom margin, The Wide Sargasso Sea and movie The Prestige.5.007.706.50
3076REBECCA LACEYbw5x4 close up of face, signed in bottom margin4.006.165.20
3078RICKI LAKEc15x10m chest upward sideways shot, head turned to camera wearing pin stiped style jacket16.0024.6420.80
3087RULA LENSKAbw14x11m pleasant shot sat on a swing in her younger days. TV, film and stage actress15.0023.1019.50
3088RULA LENSKAbw5.5x3.5 close up of face resting her chin on her arms, signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
6728RULA LENSLAc12x8m picture shows her in sexy underwear, gold signature on white card8.0012.3210.40
6159RUTH MADOCbw10x8 chest upward current portrait shot of the Ex Hi Di Hi star, signed in blue marker12.0018.4815.60
3105RUTH MADOCc10x8 head & shoulders in bright top, signed in pen. Hi Di Hi star10.0015.4013.00
3107RUTH MADOCbw6x4 head 7 shoulders smiling to camera, signed in black pen5.007.706.50
3106RUTH MADOCbw10x8 head & shoulders smiling to camera, signed in pen8.0012.3210.40
6761SALLY BARNESbw5.5x3.5d 1950s comedy actress, Just Sally, People Like Us, signed in blue, chest upward5.007.706.50
7019SALLY GRAYc10x8m chest upward of the presenter reporter, blue pen signature on white card which has a small mark not touching the signature6.009.247.80
3156SALLY JESSY RAPHAEL bw10x8 US TV show presenter, chest upward in sweater signed in pink marker14.0021.5618.20
3246SALLY WALSHpanto leaflet stars in Emmerdale2.003.082.60
5877SAMANTHA GILESbw5.5x3.5 close up of face, plays in Emmerdale & Where The Heart Is, signed in bottom margin.5.007.706.50
3129SAMANTHA NORMANc10x8 Nice shot waist upward of the presenter. Not a strong signature but also included is a hand written note signed 'Sam'10.0015.4013.00
3170SAMANTHA ROBSONc7x4d model and actress who appeared in The Bill, shown in skimpy top and pants. Mag pic laid to card6.009.247.80
3169SAMANTHA ROBSONbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders signed in black marker, some over dark area5.007.706.50
3043SARAH HEANEYc6x4 Scottish TV presenter, shown with screens behind her,signed in black pen, a slight smudge5.007.706.50
3079SARAH LANCASHIREbw5.5x3.5 chest upward, nice portrait shot signed in bottom margin7.0010.789.10
7591SARAH PRESTONbw10x8 head & shoulders signed in black marker pen. Ex Holby City, Extras, Eastenders10.0015.4013.00
5020SARAH THOMASbw6x4d head & shoulders smiling to camera, possibly in character from Summer Wine, signed in black pen.5.007.706.50
3234SASHA WADDELLbw7x5 chest upward, long flowing hair, signed in blue5.007.706.50
7364SHARRON GLESSbw10x8d 1980s image chest upward signed at a UK Theatre in silver marker. Cagney & Lacey12.0018.4815.60
3095SHAUNA LOWRYc6x4 chest upward in pink top, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
5946SHEILA RUSKINbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders signed in bottom margin, DR Who, Blakes 7, and numerous other roles.5.007.706.50
3024SHIELA GISHbw5.5x3.5 Deceased Head & shoulders signed in bottom white margin3.004.623.90
3037SHIELA HANCOCKbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders, portrait shot. Wife of John Thaw5.007.706.50
3033SHOBNA GULATIon headed paper, plays 'Anita' in Dinnerladies2.003.082.60
7497SIOBHAN HAYESbw8x6 signed in black pen on a paper picture with a central horizontal fold not touching signature. Plays Abi Harper in My Family1.001.541.30
4187SOFIA MILOSbw10x8 chest upward portrait shot of a regular in CSI Miami and also The Sopranos, signed in silver marker.16.0024.6420.80
7190SOPHIA CRAWFORDc10x8d actress & stunt double for Sarah Michelle Gellar, Madonna,many others. Portrait shot in Kung Fu mode8.0012.3210.40
2977STEPHANIE COLEbw6x4d close up of face taken a few years ago, signed in black pen3.004.623.90
2976STEPHANIE COLEbw6x4d close up of face, starred in Tenko and Waiting For God4.006.165.20
3147SU POLLARDc6x4 chest upward in colourful clothes. Star of HI DI HI4.006.165.20
3148SU POLLARDc10x8 chest upward in red outfit, snazzie hat and large earings. Hi Di Hi star10.0015.4013.00
7933SUE DAWSONbw10x8d close up of face of the Really Wild Show presenter. Also has a sticker on it for The Really Wild Road Show, signed in black pen8.0012.3210.40
5667SUE HODGEc6x4 chest upward in top hat and white tie, signed in marker which has lifted a little. Ex 'Allo 'Allo star.5.007.706.50
7852SUE HODGEc6x4 chest upward smiling to camera, 'Allo 'Allo star. Signed in blue pen5.007.706.50
5668SUE HODGEc6x4 full length shot in character from Aladdin, signed in black marker. Ex 'Allo 'Allo star5.007.706.50
3047SUE HOLDERNESSc10x8 great shot as Marlene, Only Fools and Horses sat at the bar with a drink, autograph with both names in black marker28.0043.1236.40
6004SUE HOLDERNESSc6x4d Green Green Grass promo showing the cast in character, signed in blue marker5.007.706.50
3064SUE JOHNSTONEc11x8 chest upward as Barb, Royle Family, caption reads 'Y'all right, Luv?'14.0021.5618.20
5995SUE JOHNSTONEbw6x4 head & shoulders looking to camera, signed in black marker pen5.007.706.50
6350SUSAN DUERDENbw10x8 TV and film actress inc The BIll Emmerdale, The First Vampire. Autographed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
3036SUSAN HAMPSHIREbw6x4d chest upward younger shot signed in biro. Forsyte Saga, Monarch of the Glen5.007.706.50
6044SUSAN JAMESONbw6x4 head & shoulders close up of face, signed in black pen5.007.706.50
3056SUSAN JAMESONbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders smiling to camera, signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
3067SUSY KANEbw8x6 head & shoulders posed shot, plays Jill in Aunt Boomerang5.007.706.50
3108SUZANNE MADDOCKThe Bill headed letter typed and signed with first name. Played WPC Rickman2.003.082.60
6947TAMZIN OUTHWAITEc8x6 superb portrait shot signed in black marker. Starred in Red Cap, eastenders, Hotel Babylon.8.0012.3210.40
2956TANYA BRYERc6x4 shown crouched on a Sky TV promo5.007.706.50
3187TERRI SEYMOURc6x4 on a Wheel Of Fortune promo, signed in black. On reverse along handwritten also signed in black5.007.706.50
2929THELMA BARLOWc6x4 head & shoulders, has added Happy Organic gardening5.007.706.50
7455TWIGGY LAWSONbw6x4 head & shoulders of the ex model, 2008 image signed in black marker5.007.706.50
7511VALDA AVICSc11x8 head & shoulders in character, played the German Woman in DR WHO, Journey's End. Black signature partly over dark area, also signed & dedicated on reverse18.0027.7223.40
3146VALERIE PITTSbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders of the 60s TV presenter on a BBC promo, signed in biro6.009.247.80
7023VALERIE SINGLETONbw12x8md a Blue Peter picture with Noakes and Purves, signed in red on white card8.0012.3210.40
7528VANESSA ANGELc10x8 in character as Lisa from Weird Science, the TV series. Signed in marker pen.12.0018.4815.60
7670VANESSA FELTZc10x8 great shot, with another lady, leaning over a car nicely signed in black marker. TV presenter10.0015.4013.00
3242VANNA WHITEbw10x8d head & shoulders attractive shot of the US hostess on The Wheel Of Fortune, 3000+ episodes12.0018.4815.60
6329VERA CHRISTIEbw5.5x3.5d full length shot, appeared in Z Cars 196210.0015.4013.00
3066VERONA JOSEPHbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders, has signed with character name as well from Holby City, slight smudging5.007.706.50
3119VICKI MICHELLEc6x4 chest upward of the former star of 'Allo 'Allo5.007.706.50
6166VICKI MICHELLEc6x4 - chest upward portrait shot of the 'Allo 'Allo star, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
3118VICKI MICHELLEbw10x8 chest upward smiling to camera, low cut white dress. 'Allo 'Allo star12.0018.4815.60
6475VICTORIA ALCOCKc6x4 chest upward as Julie Saunders from Bad Girls, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
7629VICTORIA WICKSbw7x5 head & shoulders signed in black marker. Dr Who, Breakfast TV, Newsround, Drop The Dead Donkey5.007.706.50
3022YVONNE GASKILLc6x4 chest upward on a Central TV promo4.006.165.20
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