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Item RefItem TitleDescription$
2200AMELIA VEGAc8x6d chest upward on a Miss Universe promo 2003, signed in black marker6.009.247.80
2226ANITA RODDICKc6x4 DECEASED The Body Shop founder. On the reverse of a postcard at the side of text8.0012.3210.40
2158ANNE MARIE FOSSc6x6 laid on floor facing camera, signed in black marker6.009.247.80
7916ARTHUR SCARGILLc7x5 in later years in suit, downloaded image. Signed on back in black marker. NUM, Miners Strike5.007.706.50
7758ARTHUR SHAWCROSSAMERICAN SERIAL KILLER died 2008.13 victims mostly female including 2 children, raped & strangled & battered. 2 small signatures each on the back of a white sticky label on the protective sheet.18.0027.7223.40
6885BAMBI LASHELLc10x8 US glamour model, shown in bikini, signed in black marker, gorgeous photo and image12.0018.4815.60
2232BEAU SMITHbw7x4 printed sketch, 1 character on5.007.706.50
2231BEAU SMITHbw11x8 printed sketch of characters10.0015.4013.00
2230BEAU SMITHc11x7 writer for Spawn comic11.0016.9414.30
2217BOB HEFTA4 fact sheet designer of USA flag5.007.706.50
2223BRUCE KENTbw6x4 CND leader shown in a ban the Bomb.Signed on reverse2.003.082.60
2146CAPRICEc8x6d posed shot at an awards ceremony 1999, signed in black marker8.0012.3210.40
2144CAROLINE BONERbw7x5 seated in tshirt, on a matt paper picture signed in black marker5.007.706.50
2151CHRISTINA CRUSEc6x4 Model, showing head only, laid down with long blonde hair. Signed in blue marker4.006.165.20
6143CHRISTO & JEAN CLAUDEc6x4 4 different postcard pictures showing their huge artworks, signed in black marker possibly by one hand.10.0015.4013.00
7225CRAIG SIANAc10x8 chest upward lovely image of the actress, model and jewellery designer. Signed in red marker10.0015.4013.00
7223CYNDY VIOLETTEc10x8d US professional poker player. Shown in jeans and t-shirt on a beach, signed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
6600DANIEL NEGREANUc10x8d Poker player, shown at the table with a stack of chips, signed in silver marker. Gambling, betting.8.0012.3210.40
2185DANNY MAYHEWbw8x6d on a Georgio Armani promo wearing a suit5.007.706.50
2234DAVE THOMASc10x8 chairman and founder of Wendy's the US burger chain, who also does his own TV ads. Nice shot in suit, clear black marker pen signature. Also included, a typed signed letter head7.0010.789.10
5092DAVID SUZUKIc11x8 - nice beach shot of the US enviromentalist, signed in black pen, some damage to item.5.007.706.50
7502DAVID WILLIAMSc10x8 professional poker player. Shown overlooking a residential valley, nice shot signed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
2224DAWSON McALLISTERbw7x5 USA National Youth Communicator3.004.623.90
7941DITA VON TEESEc11x8 shown sat in a huge stage champagne glass with one leg raised smiling to camera. Signed in black marker. Burlesque dancer.22.0033.8828.60
2235DONALD TRUMPc10x8 chest upwardin suit looking to camera, gold marker signature18.0027.7223.40
2214DUKE OF NORFOLKAutographed Editions first day cover, not stamped, showing his crest and signed as Norfolk8.0012.3210.40
2218EDMUND HILLARYDECEASED approx 11x8 various colour pictures of Everest all nicely signed in silver or black marker. Price for each22.0033.8828.60
2202FRANK ABAGNALEbw10x8d the real Catch Me If You Can guy as portrayed by Leo Di Caprio. Shown as a pilot on a quiz show18.0027.7223.40
7630FREYAc6x4 Sexy shot of the Page 3 girl. Signed in dusky pink marker pen.
7221GAIL SANEZc11x8d supern glossy photo of the US fitness model, shown in red bikini and has added a lengthy Bible quote to signature in silver marker10.0015.4013.00
2203HARDY AMIES c5.5x4 showing the Qeeens fashion designer seated in a garden 198710.0015.4013.00
2183HOLLY MCGUIREc8x6 front cover of a mag which has been cut down, bra top and pants, signed in black marker6.009.247.80
2181HOLLY McGUIREc6x4d in bikini signed in gold, glamour model. 5.007.706.50
6036HOLLY RANDALLc10x8 daughter of erotic photographer Suze Randall, chest upward in black dress, signed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
6742ISABELLE MERCIERc11x8 Card Player, Poker Stars Sensation. Chest upward, big smile. Signed in gold and has added 'No Mercy'5.007.706.50
2236IVANA TRUMPc10x8 head & shoulders in black sweater looking to camera, black first name marker signature18.0027.7223.40
2187J J NORTHc3.5x2.5 Model. Shown waist upward in lacy style bra top. has appeared on several US TV shows3.004.623.90
2155JAKKI DEGGc8x6d seated casually wearing sweater and jeans on a mag pic, black marker signature5.007.706.50
2167JAMELAHc8x6d chest upward low cut lacy top, mag pic laid to card, black marker signature5.007.706.50
11566JAMES R LEAVELLETwo lines of handwriting and his initials in blue marker. Was handcuffed to Oswald when shot by Ruby. Kennedy assasination.10.0015.4013.00
6862JAMES R LEAVELLEbw11x8d Dallas detective shown handcuffed to Oswald as Jack Ruby is firing. Signed in blue marker. JFK. Kennedy assasination.24.0036.9631.20
2204JEFF BANKSbw10x8 waist upward, arms folded, smiling to camera, black pen signature. Fashion designer18.0027.7223.40
6856JENNIFER HARMANc10x8 Professional Poker player shown in leather jacket at the table handling chips, signed in silver marker10.0015.4013.00
2161JERRY HALLc15x10m in evening dress, shawl, long hair over one shoulder, signed in black on white card18.0027.7223.40
2225JIM NOONEleaflet water speed record breaker for Immersed propellors topping 140mph +
2164JO HICKSc8x6 front cover of a mag which has been cut down in size, dressed amusingly as a city gent7.0010.789.10
6835KESKIN THE AMAZINGc6x4d US World renowned mentallist and mindreader, full length shot signed in silver5.007.706.50
6705LAURIANE GILLIERONc8x6 close up of face of Miss Switzerland, signed in black marker6.009.247.80
2174LINDA LUSARDIc6x4d chest upward in black top, signed in black pen5.007.706.50
2166LIZ HURLEYc6x4 from her bottom upward but laid on tummy, ritish Vogue 1999, black marker signature some lifting6.009.247.80
2165LIZ HURLEYc6x4 in pink bikini, British Vogue 2000, signed in black marker which has some lifting6.009.247.80
6310LUCY PINDERc6x4d UK glamour and page 3 girl. In a bikini with ocean behind her, signed in black marker.5.007.706.50
5995LUCY PINDERc6x4d - bikini shot of the model and Page 3 girl, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
6689MANUELA ARCURIc6x4 chest upward of the Italian model, also actress. Coconut Heads,Playboy 2005.Signed in black marker. Also a second item but dedicated 55.007.706.50
7046MICHELLE MARSHc6x4 cover girl and glamour model, shown in a bikini and signed in black marker5.007.706.50
15MILLVINA DEANTitanic survivor, signed in black marker on a First Day Cover style envelopewith 90th Anniversary postmarks45.0069.3058.50
7209MILLVINA DEANbw8x8 DECEASED. Photo shows Titanic at the docks, signed in black marker. Was the last living survivor45.0069.3058.50
7208MILLVINA DEANbw11x7 DECEASED. Item shows Titanic possibly leaving the docks, signed in black marker. Was the last living survivor45.0069.3058.50
7210MILLVINA DEANc10x8 DECEASED. Artists impression of the sinking with a full lifeboat. Signed in black marker. Was the last living survivor45.0069.3058.50
7242MILLVINA DEANc11x8 DECEASED. Artists impression of the Titanic at sea, signed in black marker. Was the last living survivor45.0069.3058.50
7243MILLVINA DEANc11x8 DECEASED . Artists impression of the Titanic ship being towed by tugs. Was the last living survivor45.0069.3058.50
2145NAOMI CAMPBELLc16x12m knees upward in white dress, hands behind head. Nice shot22.0033.8828.60
2178NELL McANDREWc10x8 midriff upward wearing bikini top, mag pic laid to card that has wrinkled some, black marker signature6.009.247.80
2179NELL McANDREWc8x6 ful length posed shot in trousers and low cut coat, nice signature in gold marker10.0015.4013.00
2213NICKY CLARKEbw7x5 top hair stylist, ie barber, who never goes himself6.009.247.80
2195NICOLA STOTTc8x6d mag pic laid to card, seated in sweater showing plenty of leg, black pen signature6.009.247.80
7759PETER BLAKEc6x5.5 down loaded image of the Sgt Pepper album cover, The Beatles, which he designed, signed in black marker pen by the artist 12.0018.4815.60
2196REBEKAH TEASDALEc12x8 two images on the one item, chest upward in black bra top signed in gold marker is the main one. Could be cut to remove other image which has promo text on10.0015.4013.00
7720REG KRAYA hand written letter, whilst in prison, of several sides to his adopted son Brad. Comes with original handwritten envelope.40.0061.6052.00
2208RICHARD BRANSON c6x4 strange face shot, distorted and with lines and marks, bold black signature though. Virgin boss7.0010.789.10
6799SCARY GUYc8x6d close up of tattooed face. promotes peace, love, but banned from 2 US cities for looking scary5.007.706.50
6328SHAMRON MOOREc10x8d MODEL chest upward of the model and Playboy girl signed in blue marker pen.
2152SOPHIE DAHLbw8x6 on a Storm Agency promo, showing her on the front cover of Arena Mag.. Signed in silver marker vertically on left hand border10.0015.4013.00
6807STEVEN BALLMERbw7x5 head & shoulders of the CEO of Microsoft, signed in silver6.009.247.80
2162TAMMY HARTc12x8 on all fours in a bikini, plenty of cleavage, black marker signature with first name12.0018.4815.60
2171TARA KINGc7x5 mag pic laid to card, leaning over a table, topless and bottomless, signed with first name8.0012.3210.40
2170TARA KINGc10x8 full length mag pic, topless and suspender bottoms, signed with first name10.0015.4013.00
2220TOMMY HILFIGERbw10x8 fashion guy, signed in green marker across white shirt12.0018.4815.60
2219TOMMY HILFIGERbw10x8 fashion guy, some smudging to initial T and last R, his fault!8.0012.3210.40
2199VANESSA UPTON c8x6d Model glamour. Mag pic laid to card, full length image in bikini, silver signature6.009.247.80
2228VIDAL SASSOONbw10x8 DECEASED shown against a wall and is framed by bamboo type trees, arms folded and barefooted, signed in black marker14.0021.5618.20
2212VINCENT CERFc7x5 one of the founders of the Internet idea6.009.247.80
6721VINCENT CERFc7x5d close up of face, known as the Father of the Internet5.007.706.50
6817YVETTE COSTEAUc6x4d german nude model/film star shown topless, signed in silver5.007.706.50
6818YVETTE COSTEAUc6x4 German adult film star and model, not shown on item which is a promo for Boundcon III, the European Fetish Convention. Signed in silver5.007.706.50
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