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Sport on CARD
Item RefItem TitleDescription$
11345AFRIDI SHAMID CRICKET, Pakistan, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11619AKABUSI KRIS1 in stock on small Kodasnap promo in blue marker. Item has one horizontal crease1.001.541.30
11337AKABUSI KRISATHLETICS, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11393ALEC STEWARTCRICKET, 4 in stock, on plain card4.006.165.20
11525ALESI JEAN1 in stock ex Ferrari 10.0015.4013.00
11401ALLISS PETERGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11448AMRITRAG AMANDTENNIS, 3 in stock5.007.706.50
11654BAARDSEN ESPEN2 in stock, on card3.004.623.90
11449BAILEY CHRISTENNIS, 1 in stock, on card4.006.165.20
11404BARKER PETERGOLF, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11537BARNSLEY FC 1950sAn album page with 6 cut signatures laid to it inc.Tommy ----? Irish goalkeeper, Ken ----? On reverse 5 cut signatures from Birmingham city inc Stewart, Briggs, Merrick England keeper 195118.0027.7223.40
11655BERGER PATRICK1 in stock, on card4.006.165.20
11348BIRD DICKIECRICKET, 2 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11536BIRMINGHAM FC 1952/3An album page containing 5 cut signatures on one side, laid on inc. J Stewart, S Briggs, Merrick Englands goalie 1951. On reverse Barnsley FC 6 cut signatures laid on, 1950s12.0018.4815.60
11338BLACK ROGERATHLETICS, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11349BLAKEY RICHARDCRICKET, 1 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
11570BLOFELD HENRY1 in stock, white card, great cricket commentator6.009.247.80
11653BOSNICH MARK3 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
11469BROWN SUSANWATERSPORTS, first female cox for Oxford boat race 1981, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11656BUTT NICKY5 in stock on card6.009.247.80
11657CAMARA TITI3 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11353CAMPBELL ALISTAIRCRICKET, Zimbabwe, 3 in stock on card6.009.247.80
11618CAPES GEOFF1 in stock, on green album page, two small adhesion marks not touching signature3.004.623.90
11354CARLISLE STUARTCRICKET, Zimbabwe, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11430CARSON WILLIEHORSE RACING, dedicated, 1 in stock3.004.623.90
11404CHAMBLEE BRANDELGOLF, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11637CHARLTON EDDIESNOOKER 1 in stock album page signed 1974, Died 2004. On reverse Jack Rea12.0018.4815.60
11658COLE ANDY4 in stock on card 5.007.706.50
11492COODE EDROWING 5 in stock Olympic Gold Medallist6.009.247.80
11450COX MARKTENNIS, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11470CRACKNELL JAMESWATERSPORTS, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
10893CRAIG BURLEY1 in stock, on paper4.006.165.20
11355CRAVEN VICTORCRICKET, 3 in stock5.007.706.50
11356CROFT ROBERTCRICKET, England, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11471DAVIES SHARONWATERSPORTS, 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11451DURIE JOTENNIS, 5 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
11407DURNIAN DENISGOLF, 1 in stock, on card4.006.165.20
11675DWIGHT YORKE2 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11452EDBERG STEPHANTENNIS, on paper, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11358EDLAM MARKCRICKET, England, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11571ENGINEER FARUKH1 in stock, white card, India & Lancashire6.009.247.80
11447EVANS & UNKNOWNTABLE TENNIS, 1939, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11359FELLOWS GARYCRICKET, 3 in stock5.007.706.50
11627FLANAGAN IANTENNIS 1 in stock on white card4.006.165.20
11360FLEMING STEPHENCRICKET, New Zealand, 2 in stock6.009.247.80
11409FLESCH STEVEGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11361FLOWER ACRICKET, Zimbabwe, 3 in stock6.009.247.80
11659FOWLER ROBBIE2 in stock on card6.009.247.80
11362FRANKS PAULCRICKET, 1 in stock4.006.165.20
11364GILES ASHLEYCRICKET, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11575GIMELSTOB JUSTIN2 in stock. US tennis player5.007.706.50
11410GOGEL MATTGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11626GOODALL JOSHTENNIS 1 in stock on white card4.006.165.20
11620GOODHEW DUNCAN1 in stock, on coloured paper in blue marker. One adhesion mark touching edge of signature2.003.082.60
11365GOODWIN MURRAYCRICKET, Zimbabwe, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11368GRAY ANDREWCRICKET, 3 in stock5.007.706.50
11660GRIMANDI GILLES8 in stock on card3.004.623.90
11369GUY SIMONCRICKET, 3 in stock5.007.706.50
11605HAAS JAY2 in stock on plain card by the US golfer5.007.706.50
11440HALLETT MIKESNOOKER, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11370HAMILTON GAVINCRICKET, 3 in stock5.007.706.50
11372HEMSLEY TEDCRICKET, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11441HENDRY STEPHENSNOOKER, 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11453HENMAN TIMTENNIS, 3 in stock15.0023.1019.50
11454HINGIS MARTINATENNIS, 2 in stock12.0018.4815.60
11373HOGGARD MATTHEWCRICKET, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
10898HORATIO CARBONARI1 in stock4.006.165.20
11662HOULLIER GERARD5 in stock on card5.007.706.50
11374HUSSAIN NASSERCRICKET, England, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11661HYPIA SAMI1 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11376ILLIOTT MARKCRICKET, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11377INSOLE DOUGCRICKET, England, 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11411JAMES MARKGOLF, 2 IN STOCK5.007.706.50
11472JAMES NAOMIWATERSPORTS, Yachtswoman, dedicated, 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11664JOHNSEN RONNY1 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11378JOHNSON NCRICKET, Zimbabwe, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11435JONES COURTNEYICE SKATING, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11456JONES ANNETENNIS, 4 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11663JUNGBERG FREDRIK6 in stock on card3.004.623.90
11380KALLIS JACQUESCRICKET, 1in stock5.007.706.50
11379KARIM ASIFCRICKET, 2 in stock6.009.247.80
11616KEEGAN KEVIN1 in stock, album page dedicated. On reverse Geoffrey Hayes from Rainbow3.004.623.90
11665KEOWN MARTIN15 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11381KEY ROBERTCRICKET, 1 in stock3.004.623.90
11382KIRBY STEVENCRICKET, 3 in stock5.007.706.50
11383KNIGHT NICKCRICKET, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11457LAPENTTI NICOLASTENNIS, 1 in stock on white card5.007.706.50
11412LEE DARRENGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11384LEHMANN DARRENCRICKET, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11413LONARD PETERGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11474LUDGROVE LINDAWATERSPORTS, 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11665LUKIC JOHN1 in stock on card3.004.623.90
11385LUMB MICHAELCRICKET, 1 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
10885MARK BRIGHT2 in stock, on card4.006.165.20
11458MARTINEZ CONCHITATENNIS, 1 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
11415MAY BOBGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11386MBANGWAMCRICKET, ZIMBABWE, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11387McGRATH ACRICKET, 2 in stock4.006.165.20
11475McGREGOR BOBBYWATERSPORTS, 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11442MEO TONYSNOOKER, dedicated, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11388MOODY TOMCRICKET 2 in stock4.006.165.20
11666MURPHY DANNY3 in stock on card3.004.623.90
11436NEEDELL TIFFMOTORSPORT, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11389NORMAN RALPHCRICKET, DIED 1983, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11460NOVAK JIRATENNIS, on paper, 1 in stock3.004.623.90
11461NOVOTNA YANATENNIS, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11443O`SULLIVAN RONNIESNOOKER, on paper, 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
11619OLAZABEL JOSE MARIA1 in stock, album page, golf. On reverse Terry Wogan4.006.165.20
11416OLDCORN ANDREWGOLF, 2 in stock4.006.165.20
11417ORR GARYGOLF, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11636OWEN GARYSNOOKER 1 in stock, album page signed 1974. Died 199510.0015.4013.00
11418OZAKI JOEGOLF, 1 in stock 5.007.706.50
11586PANESAR MONTY2 in stock on white paper5.007.706.50
11667PARLOUR RAY6 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11419PAULSON DENNISGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11390PENNEY TREVORCRICKET, 2 in stock4.006.165.20
11477PINSENT MATTHEWWATERSPORTS, 1 in stock12.0018.4815.60
5624PLANER NIGELTHEATRE, CHICAGO, signed in black pen2.003.082.60
11638REARDON RAYSNOOKER 1 in stock, album page signed 197410.0015.4013.00
11668REDKNAPP JAMIE1 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11357RICHARD DAWSONCRICKET, 3 in stock5.007.706.50
11339RICHARDSON MARKATHLETICS, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11391RICHARDSON SCOTTCRICKET, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11462RUSEDSKI GREGTENNIS, 5 in stock5.007.706.50
11420SATO NOBUHITOGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11463SCHETT BARBARATENNIS, 5 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
11669SCHOLES PAUL10 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11670SEAMAN DAVID3 in stock on card5.007.706.50
11464SELLES MONICATENNIS, 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
11392SHARPE P & STOTT BRIANCRICKET, 1 in stock6.009.247.80
11671SHERRINGHAM TEDDY1 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11670SONG RIGOBERT7 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11438SOSPIRI VINCENZOMOTORSPORT, 1 in stock7.0010.789.10
11639SPENCER JOHNSNOOKER 1 in stock, album page signed in 1974. Died 2006.12.0018.4815.60
11344SPINKS MIKE JNRBOXING, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11371STEVE HARRISONCRICKET, 2 in stock4.006.165.20
11425STRANGE CURTISGOLF, dedicated, 1 in stock2.003.082.60
11394STREAK HCRICKET, ZIMBABWE, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11424SUGAI NOBORUGOLF, on lined paper, 1 in stock3.004.623.90
11423SUGAI NOBORUGOLF, 2 in stock4.006.165.20
11395TAYLOR CHRISCRICKET, 2 in stock5.007.706.50
11426TESHIMA TAICHIGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11426TESHIMA TAICHIGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11340THOMPSON DALYATHLETICS, 1 in stock10.0015.4013.00
11652TONY ADAMS9 in stock, on card4.006.165.20
11396TRESCOTHIC MARCUSCRICKET, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11397TUDOR ALEXCRICKET, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11672UPSON MATTHEW3 in stock on card3.004.623.90
11427VAN DER VELDE JEANGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11466VAN ROOST DOMINIQUETENNIS, 2 in stock on card5.007.706.50
11439VERSTAPPEN JOSMOTORSPORT, 1 in stock8.0012.3210.40
11673VIERA PATRICK1 in stock on card4.006.165.20
11621VIRGO JOHN1 in stock, on small card, dedicated, print on reverse showing through1.001.541.30
11674VIVAS NELSON5 in stock on card5.007.706.50
11467WADE VIRGINIATENNIS, 3 in stock10.0015.4013.00
11428WALDORF DUFFYGOLF, 1 in stock5.007.706.50
11539WALKER MURRAYMOTOR SPORT 2 in stock6.009.247.80
11445WATTANA JAMESSNOOKER, 1 in stock 7.0010.789.10
11622WHITE JIMMY1 in stock, on small card, dedicared, print on reverse showing through2.003.082.60
11399WHITTALL GUYCRICKET, ZIMBABWE, 2 in stock 5.007.706.50
11635WILLIAMS REXSNOOKER 1 in stock, album page signed 197410.0015.4013.00
11496WILLIAMS STEVE1 in stock Olympic gold at Athens with Pinsent in rowing6.009.247.80
11674WRIGHT STEVEN1 in stock on card3.004.623.90
11468ZVEREVA NATASHATENNIS, 1 in stock, on card5.007.706.50
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