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Classical Music/Dance
Item RefItem TitleDescription$
4137ANDREW WATKINSONbw8x6 head & shoulders of the violinist with the Royal London Sinfonia.5.007.706.50
4136ANDREW WILDEbw10x8d waist upward smiling shot of the pianist.8.0012.3210.40
6021ANNE MARIE OWENSbw12x10m head & shoulders of the mezzo soprano, signed on white card in blue pen10.0015.4013.00
7958ANTON WEINBERGClarinet player. On the front of a self printed Worksop College programme early 90s.5.007.706.50
7956DAI-CHI CHUISigned and dedicated by the pianist on the front of a small Worksop College programme in the early 90s5.007.706.50
4139DAVID WILLCOCKSA4 sheet with his image and many facts about him, signed in red dink and dedicated.
4138DAVID WILLCOCKSc8x6 concert flyer for Faure's Requiem 1999 at the Albert Hall. Small red ink signature.
6561DENYCE GRAVESc10x8d US mezzo soprano, lovely photo in jeans and leopard print top, signed in black marker12.0018.4815.60
4132ERIC RUSKEc10x8 chest upward with his French Horn, signed in bottom margin.10.0015.4013.00
4095EVELYN GLENNIEbw8x6 chest upward holding a type of tambourine, signed in black marker.8.0012.3210.40
4097EVELYN GLENNIEc8x6 chest upward relaxing, smiling to camera, black marker signature.10.0015.4013.00
4094EVELYN GLENNIEbw8x6 seated on the floor surrounded by instuments, signed in black marker.8.0012.3210.40
4096EVELYN GLENNIEc8x6 squatted position playing some instruments, signed in black marker.10.0015.4013.00
4113FELICITY LOTTa dedicated hand written card.
4103GUARNERI TRIO PRAGUEbw7x5 posed shot holding their instruments. Signatures on one plain white card.
4102GUARNERI TRIO PRAGUEc7x5 showing all three in concert, signatures on one plain white card.5.007.706.50
7956IAN FOUNTAINSigned on the back of a small programme at a concert at Worksop College by the pianist, probably early 90s5.007.706.50
4068JOHN BRIGGSbw8x6 a greeting style card commemorating his Grand Canyon concert, sletch shows a piano being transported by helicopter.3.004.623.90
4069JOHN BRIGGSc8x6 a concert flyer for the Mencap Society 1998 showing him and jeremy Beadle.1.001.541.30
4120JOHN MANNc10x8 posed shot facing the camera but seated at an organ, signed in pen, some creasing2.003.082.60
4079JOSE CURAc10x8 on stage in character, black signature over dark area, also signed on reverse.10.0015.4013.00
4122KURT MASURbw6x4 Chest upward, was music director of The New York Philly. Signed in silver marker.5.007.706.50
4114LUCIANO PAVAROTTIDeceased - A 1966-7 La Scala Opera programme for Rigoletto in which he performed. There are many images inside and the text is in Italian. autograph in silver marker to an inside page some years after. Part of the Three Tenors68.00104.7288.40
4111LUDMILA MAGOMEDOVASignature on plain white card + a leaflet showinh her image.5.007.706.50
4093LYN FLETCHERbw10x8 head & shoulders with violin in shot, was director, violinist with the Halle at the time.9.0013.8611.70
4090MARK ELDERbw5.5x3.5 head & shoulders portrait shot signed in bottom margin.
4066MARK ELDERA first day cover 1980 for Music & Britsh Conductors, signed in pen.12.0018.4815.60
4074NEVILLE CREEDc8x6 on the front of a Last Night of the Proms flyer.1.001.541.30
4075NEVILLE CREEDOn a headed personal card with a few hand written lines in black pen.1.001.541.30
11123PALLISTER GARYon paper 1 in stock5.007.706.50
4067PETER ALTRICHTER bw6.5x5 1999 signature when with the Royal Philharmonic, shown at a Liverpool waterside setting.5.007.706.50
4119ROY LOUGHLINbw8x6 A concert leaflet for 1999 Opera Showcase signed in black pen.1.001.541.30
7955RUGGIERO RICCIDECEASED. Signed in 1992 by the violinist inside a concert programme for Worksop College5.007.706.50
4070SANDRO IVO BARTOLIbw11x8 chest upard windswept shot with his name and a quote underneath the image.7.0010.789.10
4105SLAVA GRIGORYANc8x6 Classical guitarist. A concert flyer showing his image, signed in blue pen.1.001.541.30
4085THE THREE BRITISH TENORSDedicated tour leaflet for 1995 signed on the reverse by Morgan, Johnson & Courtice.5.007.706.50
11207THOMPSON PHIL2 in stock on card4.006.165.20
4123VLADIMIR MATORINBolshoi Ballet. In black pen at the bottom of a letter originally sent to him.3.004.623.90
5080WAYNE SLEEPbw5.5x3.5 casual portrait shot signed in bottom margin.5.007.706.50
4098WILLIAM SOUTHGATEbw7x5 Conductor, looking at a music score, baton in hand, signed in white marker, item has some indents.
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