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Item RefItem TitleDescription$
5761ADAM SCOTTc8x6 Australian, posed shot to camera waist upward, casual clothes and signed in silver marker10.0015.4013.00
6239ADAM SCOTTc10x8 full length shot swinging, signed in black marker by the Australian14.0021.5618.20
5866ANGEL CABRERAc12x8 waist upward in full swing, signed in blue marker16.0024.6420.80
5867ANGEL CABRERAc11x8 full length shot on the fairway in full swing, signed in blue marker16.0024.6420.80
5925ANNIKA SORENSTAAMc7x5 Swedish golfer shown taking a swing, signed in black marker8.0012.3210.40
3950BERNHARD LANGERc11x8 taking a swing on a Spalding promo photo14.0021.5618.20
5896BOB CHARLESbw11x8 younger shot knees upward in full swing signed in black16.0024.6420.80
5895BOB CHARLESc12x8 caricature, full length signed in black16.0024.6420.80
5897BOB CHARLESbw12x8 younger shot in full swing, waist upward, signed in black.16.0024.6420.80
3940BOB CHARLESc10x8 seniors golfer, shown taking a swing, nice shot, signed in black marker14.0021.5618.20
3941BOB CHARLESc8.5x6 full length action shot of the seniors golfer, signed in black marker8.0012.3210.40
3956CHRISTY O'CONNORc8x6 nice shot on the green over looking the sea, signed in black marker but a lot of crinkling to item hence3.004.623.90
5915CRAIG STADLERc11x8 thighs upward below a green with the ball appearing over the top, signed in black marker 16.0024.6420.80
5913CRAIG STADLERc12x8 full length caricature nicely signed in black marker.16.0024.6420.80
5914CRAIG STADLERbw11x8 full length younger shot on the green arm raised holding the ball. Signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
3945DENNIS DURNIANc7x5 nice action shot of the Seniors golfer, sand and sea behind him7.0010.789.10
3965DES SMYTHc6x4 posed shot on the green leaning on his club, marker pen signature by the Seniors Tour golfer6.009.247.80
3943EAMONN DARCYc9.5x7 chest upward shot smiling to camera, black marker signature, item has some indents/creases6.009.247.80
5894GARY PLAYERc12x8d waist upward taking a swing, signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
5789GREG NORMANc10x8d lovely waist upward shot with his shark logo hat and holding a golf club, black marker signature. Item does have a surface bend (not a crease)18.0027.7223.40
3947IGNACIO GARRIDOc6x4 full length action shot signed in black marker7.0010.789.10
5888ISAO AOKIc12x8 full length caricature signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
7453JAY HAASc10x8 waist upward holding up the PGA Seniors Championship Trophy, signed in black marker15.0023.1019.50
5887JOHN JACOBS (USA)c12x8 full length caricature but has added that it is not him but signed it anyway!5.007.706.50
5845JOSE MARIA OLAZABALc11.5x8 full length caricature against a light green background, nicely signed in marker pen16.0024.6420.80
3961JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL c11x8 book pic. showing him full length striking the ball, black marker signature14.0021.5618.20
3959JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL c10x8 book pic. showing him on the course studying a next shot with Ballesteros, signed in blue marker. Mounted to 12x1016.0024.6420.80
3960JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL c11x8 book pic. showing just his hands demonstrating his grip12.0018.4815.60
5844JOSE MARIA OLAZABALc11x8 full length shot taking a swing during the French Masters 2002, clearly signed in marker pen.16.0024.6420.80
3958JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL c8x6 match shot holding putter towards camera possibly lining up a shot, black marker signature12.0018.4815.60
5928JUSTIN ROSEc11x8 waist upward holding a trophy, two small inset pictures in action, signed in black marker24.0036.9631.20
5912KAREN STUPLESc12x8 full length superb shot on the green both arms raised, signed in black marker. 16.0024.6420.80
3944LAURA DAVIESc3.5x2.5 action shot on a collector style card, signed in black marker5.007.706.50
5711MARK CALCAVECHIAc10x8 - waist upward taking a swing, nice shot and good black marker signature.16.0024.6420.80
3948MARK JAMES c7x5 action shot hitting out of a bunker and sand flying, black marker signature. Golf10.0015.4013.00
5889MARK MCNULTYc12x8 full length caricature signed in black pen16.0024.6420.80
5872MICHAEL CAMPBELLc8x6 full length shot taking a swing, signed in black marker10.0015.4013.00
5873MICHAEL CAMPBELLc8x5.5 full length shot, dressed all in black, taking a swing, black marker signature 10.0015.4013.00
3946NICK FALDOc8.5x5.5d waist upward posed shot, arms folded, signed in black marker7.0010.789.10
3967NOBORU SUGAIsigned twice on his profile page in the official programme for the Seniors tour event at Portrush 200412.0018.4815.60
3937PAUL AZZINGERc10x8 waist upward club in he air, black background, signed over shirt in marker18.0027.7223.40
7444PAUL CASEYGOLF GLOVE a white Nike glove, unworn, signed across the palm in black marker34.0052.3644.20
5862PAUL LAWRIEc10x8 waist upward in full swing, signed in black marker. 16.0024.6420.80
5864PAUL MCGINLEYc11x8 full length shot in action with the club, signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
5865PAUL MCGINLEYc10.5x8 crouched on the green lining up a shot, signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
3938PETER BAKERA golfing glove used by him in his 500th tournament and signed on the palm side in black23.0035.4229.90
5883PETER JACOBSENc12x8 waist upward swinging, signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
5882PETER JACOBSENc11x8 full length shot on the green fist raised in triumph, signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
3964PHILLIP PRICEc6x6 waist upward action shot taking a swing, black marker signature6.009.247.80
5899RODGER DAVISc11x8 full length caricature arm raised with clenched fist, signed in pen16.0024.6420.80
7466SAM TORRANCEc11x8 caricature showing him arms raised holding a club, signed in black marker14.0021.5618.20
5921SANDY LYLEc12x8 caricature holding his golf ball up, signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
3966SVEN STRUVERc6x4 waist upward posed shot of the German, signed in black marker7.0010.789.10
5852THOMAS LEVETc11x8 full length shot taking a swing at the 2002 open. Signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
5853THOMAS LEVETc11x8 full length shot taking a swing at the 2004 open, signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
5868TOM LEHMANc11x8 full length shot on the fairway having just hit the ball, signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
5869TOM LEHMANc11x8 waist upward holding a trophy immediately after a tournament, signed in black marker16.0024.6420.80
3951TOM LEHMANc10x8 having just taken a shot, caddy and crowd in the background, autograph photo in black marker by the US golfer16.0024.6420.80
3952TOM LEHMANc10x8d waist upward taking a swing, signed in black marker14.0021.5618.20
3969TOM WEISKOPFc10x8 shown taking a swing, signed in black over light area15.0023.1019.50
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