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Item RefItem TitleDescription$
6300ALAN DERSHOWITZc7x5 waist upward portrait shot of the author of Reversal of Fortune made into a top Hollywood film, signed in pen.
12BARBARA CARTLANDA typed hand signed letter.10.0015.4013.00
11BARBARA CARTLANDc6x4 prolific romance writer12.0018.4815.60
16CATHERINE COULTERc7x5 chest upward in black leather type coat, signed in bottom border6.009.247.80
21DANIEL HAYESbw7x5 US author for young adults mystery novels. has won awards for his work5.007.706.50
8DAVID BALDACCIbw7x5 young author of The Winner, Absolute Power, both made into films.8.0012.3210.40
7198ELLEN SHREIBERc7x5d Childrens horror story writer, shown here with some of her books5.007.706.50
27EVE POLLARDA4 plain paper with colour lasercopy photo in centre4.5x4.5 Signed 'Eve' on white by the columnist and TV personality2.003.082.60
6529EZRA BUZZINGTONc10x8d head & shoulders signed in black marker. Wrote Wars Of The Roses, The Hills have Eyes, Fight Club.10.0015.4013.00
6859GEORGE JEAN CRAIGHEADc8x5 author of Julie, Julie Of The Wolves, paper picture signed in black5.007.706.50
7151GEORGE SAUNDERSc7x5d US author and Professor. Shown on the steps of Syracuse Univ. Books; Civil War Land in Bad Decline (possibly to be a film by Ben Stiller). Also childrens books5.007.706.50
10960GIANLUCA FESTA2 in stock6.009.247.80
5970JACK CANFIELDc7x5 chest upward of the author and speaker on a photocopy photo BUT actual personal signature in blue
7762JAMES PATTERSONbw10x8 Nice casual younger shot with beard. Signed in pen over grey area. Photo has some indents and surface bends. Kiss The Girls, Along Came A Spider8.0012.3210.40
7632JEFFREY ARCHERc7x5d casual seated shot signed in bottom margin5.007.706.50
15JILLY COOPERc7x5 Two exterior rural shots one with horses, one with dogs, each7.0010.789.10
26JOHN NABERbw3.5x2.5 head & shoulders of the author who has compiled motivating stories by Olympians. Fact sheet inc.
11492JOHN SAUL1 in stock on a headed sticky label ready to peel4.006.165.20
5967JOHN SAULbw10x8 chest upward in raincoat, signed in black marker and dedicated to 'K'12.0018.4815.60
2KEVIN J ANDERSONc5x3.5, typed signed letter. Written for Star Wars, XFiles, Outer Limits. Currently working on 3 prequels to Dune, with Frank Herberts son. Signature on photo is smudged.5.007.706.50
6821LIA SCOTT PRICEc10x8d US author, Vampires, supernatural, show standing at urban security gates, signed in black pen, also a film producer10.0015.4013.00
24MARY HIGGINS CLARKbw7x5 In a flowery setting, 'My Gal Sunday'author. Autograph in blue marker7.0010.789.10
25MARY HIGGINS CLARKsigned typed letter5.007.706.50
6224MICHAEL ERNEST SWEETc11x8d author of Dances with Love. small inset picture of him with poetry underneath, signed in black marker.8.0012.3210.40
6338MICK and BRITAc6x4 childrens authors, postcard cartoon promo showing a family looking out of a window at lightning.5.007.706.50
6567MONICA LEWINSKY & ANDREW MORTONBoth have signed to an inside page of her hardback book 'Monicas Story'. Obtained in person by us in Leeds UK at a book signing. Extra postage costs.38.0058.5249.40
20NICHOLAS EVANSc6x4 autograph in black marker on a promo for 'The Loop'. Also wrote 'The Horse Whisperer'Nice collectable5.007.706.50
18NIGEL DEMPSTERc7x5 head & shoulders of the columnist and writer4.006.165.20
19NIGEL DEMPSTERAutographed Editions first day cover commemorating 50 years of marriage by the Queen and Philip8.0012.3210.40
7PAM AYERSc6x4 nice shot of the poet signed in gold over black background.3.004.623.90
6PAM AYRESdedicated hand written note on the reverse of a postcard.1.001.541.30
6294PHYLLIS NAYLORc5x3.5 childrens author from the US. Alice books and Shiloh. Chest upward shot.5.007.706.50
3PIERS ANTHONYc6x4 A personal photo signed on the back and dedicated. Also included a typed signed letter.10.0015.4013.00
5952QUENTIN DODDc7x2.5 sci fi author. This item is almost like a combined bookmark and compliments slip signed in black. It shows on either side one of his book covers and in bold letters the titles. A nice unusual item for thesci fi author collector5.007.706.50
6943RAYMOND BRIGGSOn a First day cover for Christmas 1976 stamps, signed in black marker. Famous for The Snowman story made into a cartoon.12.0018.4815.60
6660RIDLEY PEARSONc6x4 US author of adult and childrens novels. Full length casual image, signed in black marker. 5.007.706.50
7704ROBERT MUNSCHc7x5d Childrens author. Head & shoulders smiling to camera, signed in black marker. The Paper Bag Princess5.007.706.50
6298SHERRY ASHWORTHChildrens author signed inside a greeting style card and dedicated. Several lines of handwriting.3.004.623.90
29SIDNEY SHELDONheaded typed signed letter reffering to autograph request and his internet website12.0018.4815.60
6498SIDNEY SHELDONc8.5x5d chest upward portrait shot signed in bottom margin by the author.
30SIDNEY SHELDONc11x8 shown chest upward in jacket, signed in black marker18.0027.7223.40
5934STEPHEN COONTSc7x5 sci-fi writer shown chest upward, signed in black marker6.009.247.80
6299STIKc6x4d Childrens illustrator (Bill Greenhead) on a postcard showing a cartoon baby.3.004.623.90
6017TAMORA PIERCEbw10x8 US author of fantasy books for teenagers, head & shoulders signed in marker pen8.0012.3210.40
7408VICTORIA ROWELLbw10x8d chest upward in low cut dress signed in black marker, 'The Woman Who raised Me', Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva'
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